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‘SW’ Sneak Peek: Meri Calls Out Kody for His New Ring Amid Splits!

Meri Brown notes that Kody Brown replaced the Claddagh ring he used to wear with his wives with some new bling.

Kody Brown is rocking some new bling and his estranged wife, Meri Brown, has taken notice. In ET’s exclusive sneak peek clip for this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown meets up with her husband and his wife, Robyn Brown, to share her business plans with Kody.

Sister Wives' Sneak Peek: Meri Calls Out Kody for His New Ring Amid Splits  (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

After already telling Robyn that she’s moving her clothing business to the B&B she runs in Utah, she also shares the news with Kody.

His response?

“Cool, that’s good, right?”

Robyn is clearly upset by her husband’s response, saying in a tearful confessional interview, “We talked about this before and she’s like, ‘Kody’s not going to care and he’s going to be good with it.’ And I’m like, ‘Please say the right thing. Please give her something to hold onto.'”

But not only is Kody not giving Meri anything to hold onto, he’s also flashing some telling jewelry.

Kody Brown ring

“I’m sorry, I’m distracted by your ring. That’s a different ring,” Meri says, pointing out a silver and gold ring on his ring finger. “Is that not something I should say?”

“It’s just a ring,” Kody replies awkwardly.

“It’s a cool ring, right?” Robyn adds.

Meri calls out the moment, saying, “Wow, that sounded awkward.”

In his confessional interview, Kody adds, “There’s so much nuance going on here. Distracted by a ring? What is going on?”

Meri notes in her own aside interview, “It’s weird that he’s being so awkward about it. If he doesn’t want me to see the ring, don’t wear it to my house. I did notice that it was replacing the Claddagh ring that we all used to wear together. I have no idea what this ring is or where it came from — if he got it, if Robyn got it for him, if they got it together. I literally I have no idea and frankly I don’t care.”

Claddagh rings sister wives

Kody famously wore a Claddagh ring with all of his wives including now-exes Christine Brown and Janelle Brown. Though Meri continues to hold onto hope that she and Kody might rekindle their romance on the pre-taped episodes of the Brown family’s show, in present day, the two “permanently terminated” their marriage in January after years of estrangement. Robyn is Kody’s only remaining wife.

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