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General Hospital’s Eden McCoy Shares Heartbreaking News of Mom Natasha’s Death — ‘I Will Carry You Forever’

Even some of those closest to General Hospital‘s Eden McCoy weren’t prepared for the news she shared Monday evening. How could anyone be, given that the young actress was telling them that mom Natasha, herself a young woman, had passed away following an extended battle with cancer, a war which had been waged behind closed doors, far from the public eye.

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Yet when the time came for McCoy to share the heartbreaking news, she did so with beautiful words which were, in turns, devastating and inspirational.

“It feels bizarre and almost performative to make a post so personal on the most impersonal space,” McCoy admitted on Instagram. “But many people who knew my mother and also knew me didn’t know what was going on, and this is the easiest way to let everyone know. They also deserve to mourn and part with her in whatever way they may choose.”

Readers could be forgiven if they opted to stop there, as if to avoid what was coming next. “My mother has fought an intense battle with cancer for the past two-and-a-half years, and has now left us physically,” McCoy wrote. “I’m not sure what to say other than she was, is, and will be the best thing I have ever known. She is responsible for every good part of me, and she took me with her when she left.”

Even from the depths of her own grief, the wise young woman shared words that others have said before, yet which sadly only truly connect with a person through experience. “If there is anything I can say to whoever is reading, it would be that absolutely nothing is promised. We really aren’t owed anything. Your life really can change in just a moment, so as my mom would say, do everything as if it [is] your last time doing it.


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“Losing my mother has always been my greatest fear,” she revealed, “as I’m sure many of you feel the same, and we have this habit as people of thinking that it will never happen to us. Unfortunately, it can, and sometimes it does. I would do anything and give everything for one more minute with her. But not only was I lucky enough to know my mother, we could not have been closer.”

She added that the photo accompanying her words was “from our last trip together.”

Her final words, though shared with all, were meant for only one. “Mom, I expected a lot more time with you than was given, but that doesn’t make the time we shared together not enough,” she wrote. “I’m sad that I cannot come with you, but I have to believe that wherever you’re going will be a magical experience. My one wish is that we will meet again. You carried me with you for 9 months, and now I will carry you forever. I see you everywhere.”

As we keep McCoy and her loved ones in our hearts during this impossibly difficult time, let the words she wrote serve as inspiration to hold your own loved ones a little bit closer tonight, promising to never take them for granted. Because as is made all too clear, all too often, nothing lasts forever.



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