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Meri & Janelle Have Sold Their Coyote Pass Shares To Robyn? Christine Already Gave It Up For $10 In 2021!

Back in the day, when the Brown family bought the Coyote Pass land, everyone was excited to see them finally build their forever homes. It was a controversial purchase as the family had already moved a lot. Well, it turns out that wasn’t a good decision after all. This is because Kody Brown, who was known for his polygamous marriage to four women, had to undergo three divorces at once. Since he doesn’t have most of his Sister Wives anymore, the future of the Coyote Pass land remains bleak. Have Janelle and Meri also given up their shares? Here’s everything you need to know about the same.

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Sister Wives: Report Says Meri & Janelle No Longer Own Land On Coyote Pass! What’s The Truth?

The storyline of TLC’s infamous show Sister Wives has taken some major turns in the past two years. It all started when Christine announced her separation from Kody Brown. Meri and Janelle were quick to follow her way. The celebrity polygamist was left with only one wife by his side. But, it seems they are benefitting from the situation as the rest of the wives are reportedly giving up their land from Coyote Pass. As per recent reports, a Redditor posted some screenshots from the property assessors page for Coconino County.

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The Reddit post suggested that Meri and Janelle have transferred their shares from Coyote Pass to Robyn and Kody. However, as per actual reports, this is not true. While Christine had officially sold her land, Kody’s other two ex-wives are yet to do so. Since 2018, their plots have not been transferred. So, Janelle and Meri still own parts of the family property. In fact, the former holds rights to 4.66 acres on the Flagstaff property, which equals around 32.2% percent of the entire land.

Meanwhile, Meri had the smallest plot among the Sister Wives. She only owns 15.5% of the property, which makes around 2.24 acres. It is Robyn that has the biggest portion as she owns more than half of the big land. Her share increased after Christine sold hers for only $10. In 2021, she made the decision to settle the property issue by giving her Coyote Pass portion back to Kody and Robyn. In return, Christine declared that the money that came from selling her house in Flagstaff would only be hers.

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Sister Wives: What Will Happen To Coyote Pass Now? Will Kody Actually Build On It?

Kody Brown’s so-called ‘perfect’ plan for the distribution has badly failed as he barely has any wife to share it with. Even though Meri and Janelle are yet to sell their shares, it’s likely that they will soon. It is also possible that they would pass it on to their kids instead. As of now, it’s not clear what will exactly happen. Well, many believe that Christine made the right decision of not keeping the land with her.

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Well, since it’s likely that Kody and Robyn will end up being the sole owners, fans wonder how many houses they will build. The Sister Wives patriarch had plans to construct five houses on Coyote Pass initially. Without the rest of the wives, that won’t be practical at all. However, there are chances that he would build at least three houses for his family with Robyn. The first one will probably be their main big house, the second one just for Kody, and the last one for Robyn’s kids since they are already grown up. We will update this section with more details as soon as they are out.

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