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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Blames His Kids For Breaking The Family!

Kody Brown has again made the news for putting up a nuance. The Sister Wives star has blamed his kids for his family’s split. Fans believe that Papa Brown has been an absent father and often neglected his kid’s needs. Well, he wasn’t there when Ysabel needed him and often dismissed his child’s needs. The situation has been the same with other kids, including Gabe and Garrison. Well, TLC viewers are not happy with Kody’s actions. Tune in to find out more.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Neglects His Children’s Needs & Blames Them For Splitting The Nest

The Sister Wives cast doesn’t seem to have a healthy family dynamic. Well, that became clear when one of Kody’s wives finally decided to dump him. Christine Brown left her 25-year-old marriage when her shared husband didn’t respect her emotions. In addition, the family patriarch kept underestimating his relationships and thought that everything happened under God’s will. With time, the father of eighteen has focused his priorities only on Robyn and her kids. Kody spends more time with Aurora, Brianna, and Dayton than the others. When Ysabel needed her father during her surgery, Kody didn’t go as he couldn’t stay away from Robyn’s kids.

Sister Wives

The Brown family patriarch dismissed Gabe and Garrison’s request and almost evicted them from the house. Hence, the notorious head did more damage than good, and now he is blaming his kids for the family’s separation. A Reddit post spoke about the same. The Reddit user finished watching the “Baby Steps” episode. However, they weren’t happy with Kody’s actions. In the episode, Christine talked about Ysabel moving with Caleb and his half-sister to attend college. But the option didn’t align with papa Brown, and he seemed angry.

The Sister Wives star whined about Ysabel leaving Flagstaff. He said he didn’t want his kids to leave the house early. He also added that people keep leaving, and the family members complain about not spending time together. Moreover, Kody added that Maddie and Caleb were attracting the Brown siblings and killing the family experience. Kody Brown’s concern might have had weight if he genuinely cared for his kids. And had not dedicated his time to Robyn’s kids.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Fans Angry At Kody For Having Double Standards

Kody Brown shots arrows at blatant points. The Sister Wives fans are again upset with the patriarch’s behavior. They commented that by the end of the season, Kody started to show his true colors to the audience. In addition, some TLC viewers also noted that if the father was genuinely worried about his kids leaving him, he would have given them a place to live. Many people didn’t agree with the patriarch’s attention, only to Robyn’s kids as always. Similarly, the family patriarch didn’t visit any of the kids on their birthday. Hence, blaming them for the family’s split seems hypocritical on his part.

Sister Wives

Meanwhile, some viewers suggested that Kody didn’t want to spend money on his children. Hence, that is why he blamed them for leaving the home state. Apart from this, one fan noted that Ysabel wanting to leave Kody because he shut her off during the surgery is directed to her leaving him and going to the east. Do you think Kody is right to blame his kids for the family’s split?

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