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Sister Wives: Is Christine Living In An RV With David?

The Sister Wives family and RVs go hand in hand. Well, members have lived in RVs at different phases of their lives. Apparently, Janelle Brown was the trendsetter of the clan who first decided to move into a trailer. That was further followed by Robyn’s son Dayton as well.

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But now it seems that Christine and David are planning to have new adventures and will perhaps move into their brand-new super expensive RV. Are they really preparing to shift in a trailer? What are they up to now?

Sister Wives: Will Christine & David Move Into Their New RV?

Sister Wives star Christine purchased her first house with David Woolley way before they walked down the aisle. Their dream home is worth $770k in Lehi, Utah, with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It is a perfect fit for the couple as well as Truely.

Yet Christine and David ended up making a costly purchase of an RV. They spent around $90K on it, which is currently parked in the driveway area of their house.

This made the viewers wonder if the couple was now planning to move into an RV and explore new locations. Apparently, one of their neighbors has confirmed that Christine and David are thinking of taking a country tour in it.

Sister Wives

This pointed out the possibility of Christine now living the same life as Janelle. Though initially, she wasn’t really in favor of later living in a trailer, it seems that now she is open to exploring new horizons.

Moreover, Sister Wives viewers believe that David is adventurous and loves to try new things. Hence, there is a fair chance that Christine would also consider the same for the sake of her husband.

But on the other hand, David and Christine have already worked really hard to make their residence look like their dream house. So, it seems that her move into an RV wouldn’t be a permanent one and would be on a temporary basis, just for fun.

Sister Wives: Christine & David Will Take A Road Trip For Their Honeymoon?

Christine and David have already taken several trips together before walking down the aisle. They went on family vacations and solo outings as well. Hence, it appears that the new Sister Wives couple wanted to do something different when it came to their honeymoon.

Some sources recently confirmed that Christine and David were planning to take a road trip. They would be exploring the country in their new motorhome. The couple is simply waiting for the weather to fall in their favor, and soon, they will be on their trip.


Several pictures of Christine and David’s RV also started to surface on the internet. It was covered in heavy snow while it was parked behind a white fence. As per the reports, the couple’s new vehicle has a special “queen-sized bed.”

Not only this, but it can also accommodate up to six people at a time. It also has a bathroom and a shower that is accompanied by a well-furnished kitchen that has a refrigerator and stove as well.

Hence, it is evident that Christine and David won’t have to face any difficulties while they live on their new purchase. Viewers are now eagerly waiting for them to start their journey and share wholesome pictures with them.

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