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Sister Wives: Robyn’s Bizarre Behavior Invites Fans to Pile On in Season 18

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown grabbed a lot of attention so far this season after her meltdown in previews, but that was just a splash in the bucket on this TLC season. Fans noticed her strange faces and even some bizarre sounds as well. So, what is going on with Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives' Fans Agree Robyn Brown Is Worse Than Dirt

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Does ‘Kody Coaster’

Robyn Brown often complains about the harsh criticism that the fans aim at her. She likely heard them all, from folks mocking her eyebrows to the home-wrecking comments from others.

So why on Earth would Robyn give the Sister Wives viewers more ammunition? Fans think she did just that on Sunday night’s episode. Robyn’s actions in front of the cameras came along with her facial grimaces in full display of the lens.

While explaining how hard this marriage uproar has been on Kody Brown, Robyn even gave an example, along with graphics. It’s easy to see she sympathizes with Kody. But when it comes to how it affects her, Robyn seems to think that she too has it just as bad. Or at least that’s the way many fans see it.

Robyn Carries a Heavy Load

Robyn Brown shoulders a lot of anguish coming from Kody these days. She describes all the moods he goes through. Part of the load she must carry is living with Kody who can’t come to terms with a marriage demise.

On Sunday night’s episode, Christine Brown just moved away from Flagstaff. She now lives in Utah, and she considers herself a divorced woman from Kody. Robyn explains the moods that the Sister Wives patriarch goes through since his third wife’s departure.

While speaking into the Sister Wives camera, Robyn says he goes from anger to sadness, and then relief. But then he starts his vast level of moods all over again. This is what Robyn calls the “Kody Coaster.”

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC

But she offers plenty of animation while describing this. As you can see in the screenshot above she’s telling the story with her own style. Not only did she make an odd face, but she let out a sound to go with it. She did so while pretending to ride the “Kody Coaster”.

Sister Wives fans jumped on this immediately. Again, for someone who says she hates being made fun of, the fourth wife offered plenty of kindling wood to ignite that name-calling again.

Sister Wives: It’s in Her Face?

As the viewers watched Robyn Brown on Sunday night’s episode, they couldn’t help but notice her facial expressions. They became very exaggerated at times, much like the one where she is fed up below.

This was the look she offered up as the Sister Wives patriarch came back from Janelle Brown‘s house making a bad situation even worse. Fans wonder what is up with Robyn Brown this season.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC

Again, this is a woman so adamant about not wanting to be picked on by fans. But then she turns around and offers up plenty of on-screen material for the Sister Wives fans to do this. Perhaps one of the most bizarre scenes for the fans was the agonizing crying fit she let loose over her dreams of sitting on a porch in old age.

Robyn Can’t Control Her Emotions?

Robyn melted down in front of the camera crying out loud and waving her hands. Viewers saw this over and over again as the season preview popped up frequently.

She didn’t know what to do with herself after her dream was ripped away from her. The entire time she does this there are three women who are heartbroken over the things Kody did to end their marriage. But the youngest wife of the bunch seemed to concentrate on what it’s done to her.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

But while their lives as married women end, she’s wailing about not having any more sister wives. She counted on them to sit with her in old age and watch their grandchildren play from their porch. That’s likely a crying jag that she won’t live down for a long time among the Sister Wives fans.

So, there you have it, Robyn Brown doesn’t like the criticism from fans. Yet she gives them plenty of reasons to slam her behaviors on the TLC series so far on Season 18.

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