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Janelle Will Happily Throw Kody Under the Bus!

Kody Brown‘s marriage(s) continued to fall apart in the latest episode of Sister Wives as a heated confrontation led to Janelle Brown kicking him out of her house. But is there still a chance for the pair to reconcile?

On Sunday’s (September 3) episode, Kody and Janelle got into a huge argument, mostly centering on Kody’s strict COVID rules that led to a massive falling out with Janelle’s adult sons.

“You’re always flipping it back on me,” Janelle said (per People) after the pair accused one another of “gaslighting.”

Kody responded, “That’s because it belongs on you, Janelle. You didn’t support my stand when it came to actually doing the COVID stuff.”

Janelle fired back, “Kody, I was protecting my children. And you have said, ‘Choose your loyalties or you’re not gonna have a husband.’ So I’m supposed to choose between you and our children? That’s what you basically said.”

After the argument descended into yelling, Kody eventually stormed out of Janelle’s home. Janelle slammed the door and shouted, “F*** you,” before telling the show’s camera crew to “shut it off.”

Despite this dramatic breakdown, Kody previously said he hopes to reconcile with Janelle. This comes after two of Kody’s other wives, Christine and Meri, also left the polygamous marriage. The reality star is still married to his fourth wife, Robyn.

Kody and Janelle certainly have a lot of history together, including six children. That would be a lot to throw away over an argument to do with COVID-19, but if Kody wants to repair his relationship with Janelle and his kids, he will have to show a willingness to apologize and compromise.

Another reason Kody could want to reunite with Janelle is due to their shared business mindset. They both have a history of coming up with lucrative business ideas, with Kody setting up a production company soon after the TLC reality series debuted. Meanwhile, Janelle runs the online health coach company Strive.

Janelle has also always been honest with Kody, something he may appreciate, even if not on the same page. While there have been moments of deceit with Robyn, Christine, and Meri, Janelle has always made her feelings clear, especially regarding her kids and putting them first.

It’s also well documented that Kody considered Janelle a great friend and seemed the most upset about her leaving the marriage. He appeared particularly upset that Janelle chose Christine “as somebody she wants to be close to rather than Meri or Roybn, or even me.”

Janelle also makes for a great matriarch of the family. Based on previous Sister Wives episodes, Robyn can often let her feelings get in the way of her decision-making. Janelle, however, is able to separate her emotions from what needs to be done, something Kody would appreciate in running such a large family.

Whether the two can work things out remains to be seen, and based on the latest episode, it will take some serious work from both Janelle and Kody to put the past behind them and move forward.


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