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New Update: Janelle Brown Breaks Silence On New Boyfriend

Yes, you guys.

Janelle Brown has found the love of her life.

But it’s not exactly what some out there might be thinking at the moment.

This veteran Sister Wives star walked away from spiritual spouse Kody toward the end of last year, following several months’ worth of fights related to his controlling nature.

She has since regained her independence, most recently telling social media followers about her brave decision to set up her RV all on her own.

But is Janelle really on her own?

“Janelle is that the new boyfriend hiding?” one fan asked after the 54-year old shared a photo of the aforementioned vehicle on Wednesday, May 17.

“Haha no its Gabe,” Brown replied, referring to her son and then adding for emphasis:

“But my children and grandchildren are the true loves of my life.”

Janelle shares children Gabe, 21, Garrison, Hunter, Logan, Savanah and Madison with ex Kody Brown.

She split from the selfish polygamous patriarch in December 2022, but a source told In Touch in January that “she is not thinking about or wanting to date anyone at the moment.”

The insider went on to say that the mother of six is “focusing on herself and her kids” after ending her marriage with Kody.

Janelle remains good pals with Christine Brown, who is in a very different romantic boat these days.

As you may know by now, Christine is engaged to David Woolley.

She’s pretty darn excited about it, too.

“David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I’m so excited and just live in bliss every day!” wrote the Sister Wives star on Instagram last month.

She later added:

“We don’t always get second chances in life, I’m blessed to have found mine.

“To have found my happily ever after. It’s time to plan a wedding!!!”

As for Janelle?

Maybe she’ll get back into dating some time soon.

For now, however, she’s all about making adjustments.

“Getting used to her new life hasn’t been hard since Kody was hardly around for the last few years,” the above tabloid source continued awhile ago, adding Janelle “is not focusing on anger or resentment toward Kody.”

That’s probably a healthy attitude.

But the guy probably deserves at least a little anger or resentment. Probably both!




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