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Meri Wants to Vomit after Kody’s Latest Reveal

Sister Wives star Meri Brown heard too much out of Kody Brown‘s mouth, and she wants to vomit over what he is saying on the TLC episode this coming Sunday. Meri watches a clip of Kody as he talks out his problems with a few of his men friends. His view on the perks of polygamy doesn’t sit well with Meri. But, as the shared husband looks for comfort in the company of some old friends, they seem to get a kick out of the father of 18 because of his odd woes.

Sister Wives': Christine Says Kody Strung Meri Along For Years

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pours Out His Woes on the Couch

Kody Brown takes off to unload his problems on his friends when the next episode airs Sunday night. But it looks like the Sister Wives ladies get to see this clip of Kody before it hits the screen. While the wives offer their thoughts about his ideas, Meri Brown looks fuming over what he says.

It looks like Kody even stretches out on the couch. This seems to mirror the movements seen years ago when a patient talking to his therapist positions himself on the couch.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Friend | TLC

But what Kody is about to share with his friends is unlike anything you may have seen in a classic movie. Kody talks about his pending divorce from Christine Brown. So, this is right after she told him she was leaving. But Meri Brown becomes peeved over his thoughts on the bright side of polygamy. Not what he says about her co-wife.

Meri Brown Thinks Kody Misses the Mark – He Makes Her Want to Vomit

Kody Brown chats with three men, all of whom viewers have seen through the years on Sister Wives. He focuses on one of the perks of a polygamous marriage. He claims if a wife gets “cantankerous” then he has another wife to run to. This way he escapes that wife having a meltdown. This is what Meri Brown took issue with.

He also said it works the other way as well. If a husband in plural marriage is the one whose cantankerous, then there are the sister wives they can run to.

Meri has an issue with Kody Brown’s idea of taking flight when problems pop up. She asks what happened to someone sticking around instead. Then they can work out the problem. Instead, she was stuck with Kody’s idea in her head, which made her nauseous.

Sister Wives: Meri and Ladies See Friends Circle Papa Brown

Getting together with his buddies is something Kody often did when they lived in Utah. That’s back when the Sister Wives series first started, Janelle Brown shares with the viewers. She laughs when she hears him say the wives can get away from a cantankerous hubby. She says “he hit the nail on the head.” But it appears she referred to the wives getting away from the husband when she said that.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Brown, on the other hand, didn’t like the idea of the husband or the wives running to someone to get away from their problems. No, this didn’t sit right with Meri at all.

The Sister Wives patriarch admitted to his friends that he might experience some jealousy if Christine finds someone new. He also admits that he should have said something different to Christine when she came to him with her problems.

Kody Calling Christine Baby Wouldn’t Have Cut it

Christine told Kody that she hated polygamy. Kody counteracted that by yelling at her that she has her kids, her sister wives, and her husband due to the polygamy lifestyle she hates so much. Instead of that sarcastic remark, he tells his buddies he should have said something different. Like “I know it’s hard “baby” and “I am sorry it hurts.”

Needless to say, Christine got a kick out of that. She left him for many reasons like he basically abandoned their marriage in lieu of his favorite wife. But she responded to this clip by saying she left because as his wife she did anything and everything for him that he wanted or needed. But when she needed him, he said no.

When Robyn Brown‘s turn came to comment on that clip, fans suggested that she didn’t seem to have a clue. Instead of saying something about the content, she just said how she advocates for him to have a guy’s night out. Her theory… men need to be around other men as women need to be around other women.

But the fans ask, how that is working out for Robyn, being around the other women who married her shared husband. Not so good the viewers suggest.

Anyway, Meri Brown heard enough of Kody Brown finding an escape when problems arise. She was about to blow lunch after hearing this come out of his mouth in a clip that airs Sunday on the TLC series.

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