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Meri Brown’s New Boyfriend In Child Support Hot Water

Meri Brown’s new boyfriend, Amos Andrews has been in child support hot water for one of his three children. The Sister Wives star thrilled so many of her followers when she revealed her new man on her 53rd birthday. Yet, as soon as the celebration began, the other shoe dropped. So, what exactly is going on with custody? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown-Instagram

Meri Brown’s New Boyfriend In Child Support Hot Water

For fans of Kody Brown’s ex-wives, anyone had to be so much better. Christine Brown found her happy ending with David Woolley and Meri Brown seemed genuinely happy for her. She also appeared to really want the same love for herself. It looked like maybe she was seeing someone when she described her ideal man and she was incredibly precise. Yet, she maintained that she was still single until her birthday and she revealed Amos Andrews. They have been together since October 2023 and love many of the same things.

Meri Brown & Amos From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @therealmeribrown Instagram
Amos Andrews, Meri Brown-Instagram

Everyone was beyond thrilled to learn she was happily in love and had her smile back. However, it was soon revealed that he had been married four times. He also had some money troubles to add to the four marriages. Yes, Meri’s life has been interesting but in a very different way as she is a business owner and boss. Now, according to The Sun, it has come out that he had issues with child support and his youngest child, Tiffany. In 1995, Amos wed his second wife, Shannon Marie Martin.

Meri Brown, Amos Andrews-Instagram
Meri Brown, Amos Andrews-Instagram

She was just eighteen at the time and they went on to have a daughter in 1997. By 2000, the marriage was over and he had to pay $373/month until Tiffany was 18. This did not happen and by 2013, Shannon headed back to court, saying this:

“The father did not make consistent child support payments from the time of divorce in 2001 until his wages were garnished in 2008. The 7 years of arrears total approximately $10,000 for which the father currently pays only $125 per month through wage garnishment.”

More then came out and it made the situation sound even worse.

Where’s Amos?

Shannon also claimed that she could not reach Amos Andrews in terms of him changing his number, e-mail, and address. More so, he never informed Shannon when he did this several times within the calendar year. Additionally, she said that Amos: “refused to contribute to the child’s expenses for daycare, medical/dental/vision, and education.” Meri Brown’s beau had alleged he did not pay as Tiffany was living with him. Amos also stated that Shannon had frozen his accounts which she has denied. Ultimately, she had to pay him support since she made nearly double what he did.

Amos has maintained that he only has three ex-wives but court docs say otherwise. What do you think of Amos now? Is he still a good fit for Meri Brown or should she see what else is out there? Let us know in the comments below.


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