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THE NEW CHRISTINE Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shows Off Weight Loss In Short Shorts And Tank Top For New Pic With BFF Janelle

CHRISTINE Brown has drawn rave reviews from fans after posing a new photo of her incredible weight loss.

The Sister Wives star has been shedding pounds ahead of her wedding to ex husband Kody’s replacement.

Christine, 51, shared a series of new photos to social media – including some with her fellow sister wife and bestie Janelle.

Christine and Janelle Brown continue to show off their weight loss

The first photo showed off her bright smile, as she stood in front of some play buddies. She grasped a cup of her energy drink, along with some of the powdery product. In the second snap, Christine was joined by Janelle, 54, for an outdoor selfie.

Christine wore a tight, sleeveless white dress that clung to her figure. Janelle showed off her svelte new frame as well in a pink dress.

The third photo featured the bff’s toasting bottles of their weight loss drinks. Again, wide smiles were seen all around.

Christine captioned the set with a shout out to hr special drink: “When you feel good, you REALLLLLY feel good!!” she shared. “I can’t begin to tell you how good we feel.

“More energy, mental clarity, better sleep, balanced hormones, and no more crazy sugar cravings!

“This is what FEELING good, feels like!!”

Fans in the comments section were feeling good as well – and felt like sharing.

“The TWO of you have NEVER looked better,” one person commented. “Dropping the added weight (180pd Kody) plus the actual weight you’ve both lost….YOU BOTH ARE DOING FANTASTIC. Keep up the great work. The sky is the limit for both if you.”

Another person added: “Janelle and Christine literally glowing!”

While a third chimed in: “You two warriors are showing millions of women, men & children how to get off the floor by yourself, one toe one finger at a time!!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

Janelle and Christine toasted their success


Christine has been on a weight loss kick in advance of her wedding to David Woolley. Christine and David announced their engagement in April, just a few months after they had started dating. They first went public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day.

Christine and Kody were married for 25 years before they announced their breakup in November 2021. On Kody and Christine’s marriage, a source revealed: “She never fully got to live life with Kody since they were in a polygamous relationship, so she wants a forever with someone so badly.”

Christine and her now-fiance originally bonded over parenthood, as David has eight children from his first marriage. Christine has six children, whom she shares with her ex: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely.


Christine gushed about David when she first introduced him to fans on Instagram, calling him her soulmate. David introduced himself on social media in a post this July, writing in a caption: “Hello! I’m sorry I have not let people know who I am yet.

“I have eight kids. Six are married two are single! I have 10 grandchildren. I also have kids and grandkids in California that are my extended family but I consider my own!” he continued.

David then explained his romantic history: “I was married to their mother for 20 years when depression got a hold of her.

“So I have been a single dad for 11 years. Yes I dated since then, but never went anywhere.”

He continued to talk about his work life, finishing out the post with: “So this is a little bit about me, I’m glad to be here! And I’m really excited to be with Christine the future is really bright!!”


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