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General Hospital: OH MY GOD! Check Out [THIS] Hot New Couple!!!

General Hospital has finally put in motion one of the most anticipated storylines of this year. Ever since the whole Nina, Drew-Carly and SEC mess stared, fans have been waiting for someone to expose Nina. And that time is finally upon us! Bang in the middle of Nina and Sonny’s wedding Michael received a call from his mystery contact at SEC, who filled him in on Marty. If you are following the ABC soap regularly then you probably know that Marty coughed up Nina’s name to Mikey in less than 0.001 seconds! But that’s not the point of our discussion today. The point is the MYSTERY MAN! And along with him a sultry new romance!

An Enigmatic Past Character Returns

So, when Mikey boy received the phone call from his SEC contact on General Hospital, we were shown a visual of the man’s back. Now, hear us out! If this mystery guy was actually inconsequential to the story, the makers could have just given us a voice on the phone, or a one sided conversation, featuring Michael. But no, they went through the trouble of getting an actor, dressing him up and actually shooting a full scene with his back to the camera. Too much effort, no? That can’t be for just nothing!

GH/ Michael’s contact

Just to serve as a refresher. Earlier, in 2023, we shared a spoiler that tremendously talented Ted King might be on his way back to General Hospital. He used to portray the character of the hot baddie, Alcazar! The actor had even admitted that he is slated for a meeting with GH exec Frank Valentini soon. What if that meeting materialized and Ted really is back in Port Charles! Interestingly, Cyrus also have just secured his release from prison. So, a mob war is certainly about to heat up! Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to bring Acazar back? Moreover, tha makers could take the thrill factor a notch higher and reveal him as the real Pikeman boss!

General Hospital Gets A New Power Couple In Alcazar and Ava?

With a dramatic new mob story, the soap will bring some it’s old flavor back to the screen. But what’s a good mob story without the baddie having a sizzling romance, right? So if Alcazar is returning to the screen, he does need a love interest to set his eye on, or make a power pact with. And there is one lass who will soon return to her mob roots. Ava Jerome! After going through the ordeal she just endured with Mason, we won’t be surprised at all if she wants revenge! So a murderous Ava can soon make her presence felt. Meanwhile, it is also to be noted that she just lost her romantic interest in Austin. And Nik is another story all together.

General Hospital
GH/ Will Alcazar and Ava be a thing?

Thus, it won’t be surprising at all if we see some sparks flying between her and Alcazar when they cross paths on General Hospital. Not only will this new pairing bring a breath of fresh air to screen, but also light it up! We think Ava and Alcazar would really look lit together! What do you think?


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