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OUCH! Sister Wives’ Meri Brown snubbed from Christine’s Utah wedding during feud as star spends day with friends instead

CHRISTINE Brown has gotten married to her new man, and she’s made it clear which of her sister wives she wants in her life. The 51-year-old tied the knot with David Woolley, 59, in a ceremony in Moab, Utah.

Christine Brown has finally married her new man David Woolley

Christine Brown has finally married her new man David Woolley

Her sister wife Meri Brown did not attend the wedding ceremony
Her sister wife Meri Brown did not attend the wedding ceremony

While writing the guest list, Christine was brutal as she decided who would make the cut. Of course, her ride-or-die Sister Wives co-star Janelle Brown, 54, was proud to attend the event. Unfortunately, according to People, she was the only sister wife on the guest list.

Other sister wives Meri, 52, and Robyn, 44, did not attend, and neither did Christine’s ex-husband, Kody Brown, 54. Instead, Meri was pictured giggling and smiling on her friend’s Instagram Story while on a tractor ride through a cornfield. Fans on Reddit did notice that Meri’s 27-year-old child Leon and their partner Audrey were in attendance.


Fans of the TLC show on Reddit immediately noticed Meri’s absence and wondered if she didn’t attend or if she wasn’t invited. The original poster of the thread asked: “I saw in the People exclusive that Meri didn’t attend the wedding. I noticed on her Instagram her brother passed away on Oct. 5th.

“Do you all think she was planning on attending, or is she totally out of sorts with Christine and Janelle? I secretly hope for the 3 sister wives to come together and all be friends again someday.”

One fan responded: “Christine doesn’t want anything to do with Meri.”

Another said: “Why would Christine invite Meri? She doesn’t have to pretend now that she likes her. They’re never going to be close.”

A third said: “In either scenario, my heart breaks for Meri. To lose a member of your bio-family and be rejected by your chosen family…I can’t imagine that pain.”


While many fans were quick to congratulate Christine and David, many were more focused on the reaction of her ex-husband. Christine was the first of the wives to leave the family and announced her split from Kody in November 2021 following a 27-year spiritual marriage. On social media, many viewers of the television show thought Kody and his one remaining wife, Robyn, were very unhappy about the nuptials.

One fan said: “Hope Kody and Robyn are livid with jealousy.”

Another said: “She looks GORGEOUS. I hope Kody is kicking a pile of dirt (and himself) out on Coyote Pass right now screaming at the mountain.”

A third said: “Kody probably hates it because he isn’t happy unless everyone is miserable or he’s the center of attention.”


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