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[Sad Loss] Logan & Michelle’s Shares Heartbreaking News!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and her kids have always been fans’ favorite. Viewers have watched them since they were kids, and now they are witnessing them extending their families. Logan Brown is one of them who has finally walked down the aisle with Michelle and is living his happily-ever-after phase.

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Amid all this, viewers were left in tears when they got to know that the couple’s child-like pet has now passed away. What happened to their pet? How are Logan and Michele coping with it? Are they fine?

Sister Wives: Logan Brown’s Pet Passes Away! What Happened?

Logan Brown from Sister Wives and Michelle Petty are a long-term couple. They dated for around three years, and they have known each other for almost five years and tied the knot. Though they didn’t have kids, they had a pet dog they loved a lot.

A few months back, Michelle took to Facebook and revealed that she had adopted a new furry friend. She posted a carousel of pictures of Athena that were enough to melt the hearts of her viewers. Apparently, the couple’s pet was a very dear family member.

Janelle Brown's Son Logan & Wife Michelle Adopt New Baby

Athena even attended many gatherings with Janelle and the rest of her kids. But recently, a Reddit thread revealed that Logan and Michelle’s child-like pet unfortunately passed away. This unfortunate incident took place “last week,” and the couple is devastated because of the same.

Apparently, they adopted her at the age of 7, and since then, she has been living with them. Michelle revealed earlier that Athena used to wake them up with kisses and used to lay her head on their chest. Hence, within no time, she ended up becoming a core member of their family.

Fans were left in tears because of this devastating news and gave condolences. A user wrote, “Poor Logan and Michelle.” Another one added, “Rip, Athena.”

Sister Wives: Why Logan & Michelle Aren’t Having Kids?

Sister Wives stars Michelle and Logan have exchanged vows way back, and now fans are wondering when they would think of having kids. Apparently, viewers feel that the couple is perhaps ready to take responsibility for a child now.

Sister Wives

But it seems that having a kid isn’t on their agenda for now. Even Janelle also revealed that Logan and Michelle love being the best aunt and uncle to their nieces and nephews. She clearly stated that her son and daughter-in-law don’t want to have kids right now.

But viewers are still wondering why they are taking a back step here! As per the reports, Logan and Michelle’s decision not to have kids isn’t because of any financial or medical reasons. Many sources have even claimed that they love children.

But for now, they don’t want to add drama or stress of expanding their family and raising kids. So, they are currently focusing on their careers, hobbies, travels, and relationships. Fans feel that it’s great that they aren’t rushing and are taking their own time before becoming parents.

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