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Sister Wives: Kody Insults Meri Again, Here’s Her SHOCKING Response!

TLC’s Sister Wives has been on a controversial note these days. Since Christine announced her divorce and her decision to move to Utah, things have been out of control. The patriarch hasn’t taken the news well and has been high on his wit lately. In a recent episode, Kody Brown made a mean comment about his ex-wife, which eventually ended up hurting the lone wolf. Fans feel that the polygamist is building a bridge toward another divorce. To know what new meanness the patriarch showed recently, keep on reading.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Meri Finds Kody’s Comments Stinking

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was the first one to enter the Brown family. The couple tied their nuptial knot in 1990 and had the best days of their lives. Apparently, after three years of marriage, Kody started courting Janelle, and his center of attention shifted toward his second wife. Meri was too young to deal with jealousy and share her husband. Life was chaotic until Christine entered their lives and dynamics happened to settle down. Quoting this mess, the polygamist, amidst slamming Christine, indirectly dragged Meri into the conversation.

Sister wives

With his utmost wit, Kody thanked Christine for coming into his life and saving him from the ‘mess’ he had in his life. Meri was quick to notice that the comment pointed out her. She was disheartened to watch the patriarch demean her. The star admitted to the cameras that it stings when he says that. Later, Meri adds in her confessional that it was difficult for her to cope with the divided attention and jealousy. The lone wolf shared the grief she had to face when Janelle came into their lives. Apparently, the trio was young and couldn’t handle the situation, which ended up being a big mess. Many believe that Meri’s reaction to the rude comments was the opposite of what everyone was expecting. So, fans were all left shocked and disappointed.

Sister Wives: Meri Still Carries The Dead Corpse Of Her Marriage

Fans know that the lone wolf has been one of those Sister Wives stars that has always stood beside her husband. Even in the recent episode, Meri was seen taking the side of Kody. She agreed to the fact when Kody accused his ex-wife Christine of treating Robyn as a speck of dirt. Meri was quick to accept that she had been an eyewitness to this. Fans have seen her marriage from deteriorating phase to being dead for decades now. Their bond, their intimacy, everything was buried years ago. Apparently, their marriage is scarier enough for Christine to mention that she doesn’t want a marriage like Meri’s.

Sister Wives

Recently, in an episode, Meri, with teary eyes, accepted in front of her new friend Robyn that it was painful for her to watch Kody give up on her. Fans remember Meri’s catfishing incident, which became a core reason or rather an excuse for the patriarch to detach from the lone wolf. Moreover, Kody has already indicated that he is fine with Meri leaving and suggested that she move to Utah and take care of her B&B. However, maybe she is afraid of the day of reckoning and going to hell for leaving the marriage.

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