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Sister Wives: Leon Brown Reveals Toned Physique In New Photo [See Here]

Leon Brown has been a remarkable castmate from Sister Wives. They used to be quite prominent on the show before, but now they keep their life low-key. It was indeed a shocking yet proud moment from the fanbase when Meri’s only child spoke their truth and came out as trans and nonbinary last year.

Sister Wives

Now, fans like to stay updated about their life by checking out their social media for recent happenings taking place in Leon’s life. While they post infrequently on their Instagram, a new post has impressed as well as shocked the fans. Leon Brown flaunted their new physique in the post. Fans could clearly see a difference in them.

Sister Wives: Leon Brown Embraces Their Fit Physique! Shows It Off In New Post

Over the years on Sister Wives, Leon Brown has had a rollercoaster of a journey. A few years ago, it was indeed shocking for all family members when they came out as lesbian. At the same time, they were newly dating their partner, Audrey Kriss. It has been a while since they have been together, and there are rumors going around about their secret wedding, too!

Then, Leon finally decided it was time to let the world know about their true self. Hence, they came out and identified as trans and non-binary with an emotional post. It was clear that it must have taken them a lot of courage to make such an announcement. Leon talked about slowly embracing themselves.

Sister Wives

Well, it would be safe to say that things have been looking good for Leon lately. They recently took to their social media to share a rather random post. It featured them standing in front of the mirror while taking a full-length selfie.

It was evident that Leon had come far in their journey of self-love. They stood confidently with a hand in the pocket of baggy jeans while showing off a fitted T-shirt. Hence, Sister Wives fans could tell Leon had been working on their health, and the results were quite refreshing, so the audience praised them.

Sister Wives: Leon Got Top Surgery! Getting Closer To Feeling Like Their True Self

Leon Brown has had an incredible transformation in the past few years. As mentioned above, it was a long journey for them to recognize and identify as trans and non-binary. By doing so, they also ended up losing some family members, for instance, their own dad, Kody Brown.

However, Meri Brown has always been supportive of her child. Time and again, she has proved she is a proud LGBTQIA+ ally and has always supported Leon. A post on their profile earlier this year hinted that they opted for top surgery.

For the unversed, it is a kind of surgery people opt to “augment” their breast tissue to make their physique look more masculine and feminine. In fact, it is quite common amongst nonbinary and trans people. So, Leon finally showed off they too got it done.

They did so by posing in front of the camera for a TikTok. Fans were happy yet again to see Leon in their element and coming closer to feeling more like themselves after these changes.

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