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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Willing To Do Counseling With Christine

In a preview clip for Sister Wives Season 18, Robyn Brown makes a shocking confession: She’s willing to go to counseling with Christine to salvage their relationship. In fact, the TLC star adds she is willing to go to counseling with anyone in the family who needs her. How exactly did this topic come up? Is there a chance she will actually sit down in counseling with Christine? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn and Christine - YouTube/TLC

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Willing To Do Counseling With Christine

In a preview shared by US Weekly, Kody Brown confesses he wants grief counseling. Now, this is a conversation between Christine and Kody. But, fans can assume Kody has also spoken to Robyn about wanting some sort of assistance with his mental health. Fans make this assumption because the preview included a confessional with Robyn sharing her thoughts on the situation.

Robyn Brown - YouTube/TLC

Robyn Brown admits she thinks it is a great idea that Kody has decided he wants grief counseling. In fact, Robyn adds that her door is open if anyone in the family needs her to go to some sort of therapy with them.

She proceeds to admit that the door is even open to Christine if she would like to sit down in front of a therapist with Robyn.

Christine Brown Doesn’t Want Friendship With Robyn?

Unfortunately for Robyn Brown, Christine made it clear last season that she would not be having a friendship with Robyn and Meri moving forward. Christine Brown, however, clarifies that she doesn’t have much of a relationship with them now. So, she doesn’t understand why that would change because she divorced Kody.

Robyn Brown was heartbroken to learn of Christine’s wishes. Kody Brown’s “last wife standing” admits she dreamed of a future where she could grow old with her sister wifes. So, it hurt her to learn Christine wanted nothing to do with her.

Christine Brown - YouTube - TLC

Considering how Christine reacted to Kody, fans can only assume she would react the same with Robyn. Given Christine wants no relationship with Robyn moving forward, it seems unlikely she would have a desire to go to counseling with her.

Why Would Robyn Need Counseling?

Prior to the season premiere, Robyn Brown opened up about how difficult it was to be married to Kody while he was going through a divorce. She was seeing sides of Kody she didn’t know existed. Likewise, Robyn may have not been in a relationship with Christine, Janelle, or Meri. But, she is losing them as sister wives. So, she could need counseling to cope with the loss and figure out how to move forward with Kody.

Do you think Christine Brown has any interest in having a relationship or friendship with Robyn after leaving Kody? Why do you think Robyn is trying so hard to hold on to her relationships with her sister wives as they leave?

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