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SHOCKING! Who’s The New Wife Kody Brought In The House?

SISTER Wives star Kody Brown has addressed rumors he’s ready to marry a new wife after Christine, Meri, and Janelle all left him.

The TLC personality is currently only married to Robyn Brown after three of his four wives decided to call it quits in a 14-month span.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has addressed rumors he's ready to marry again

The 54-year-old has had a major perspective shift, telling People he’s in no rush to head down the aisle.

“The idea of ever marrying again after the experience I’ve had, there’s no reason for me to do that,” Kody told the magazine.

“I feel like I’ve hit the bottom of a deep swimming pool, but I’ve pushed off and am headed to the surface.”

In February, fans began to speculate that Kody was considering a new wife.

He and Robyn – his fourth and currently only wife – were seen out with another woman in Las Vegas.

Fans wondered if the woman might be a potential new suitor for the father of 11.

Christine, 51, announced that she was leaving Kody, ending their “spiritual marriage,” in November 2021.

Janelle was next to announce that she was leaving her husband in December 2021 with Meri following shortly thereafter in January of this year.

Kody isn’t the only one struggling in the wake of his divorces.

The TLC personality was dumped by wives Christine, Janelle, and Meri in just over a year's time

In a preview for the upcoming season of Sister Wives, set to premiere on August 20, viewers saw Robyn break down in tears over the state of the family.

In the trailer, Janelle revealed that she “doesn’t want to be married anymore” during a conversation with her former sister wife Christine.

The clip also teased a huge fight with Kody.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Meri, 52, confessed to Robyn that Kody is “done with her.”

In another teaser video, Meri was shown sitting down with Kody and Robyn.

During the discussion, she told the pair she’s “not going to be around,” claiming it’s not what she wants anymore.

Robyn broke down crying as she said: “I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives with our kids and our grandkids.”

In a confessional, Kody said: “I worked so hard to do what was right and when you lose that, well, I should just be the devil I think I am now.”


Christine, the first wife to leave Kody, has moved on and is engaged to David Woolley

While Kody isn’t ready to rebound just yet, Christine has moved on.

She announced her engagement to David Woolley, 59, in April – just two months after she went public about the relationship.

Days prior to the bombshell news, The U.S. Sun reported that the reality star was ready to marry.

It was initially reported that Christine was planning to have her dream wedding this summer, “probably in July,” before her kids go back to school in the fall.

She and David are not yet married, however.


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