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Kody Brown Wants His Ex-Wives Back After Getting Rejected By New Ones? [Shocking Update]

The Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been maintaining his persona of being a strict polygamist for decades. But recently, he had to undergo three continuous divorces. Hence, as per the current scenario, he is in a monogamous relationship with Robyn Brown. Now it seems that Kody wants to regain his position as the “head” of a plural family. Recently, a few sources revealed that the patriarch might be thinking of reconciling with two of his ex-wives and regaining his old “Brown family.” But who are they amongst Meri, Janelle, and Christine? Will they accept Kody back?

Sister Wives' star Christine says she still gets 'super jealous' of husband  Kody Brown's 3 other spouses | Fox News

Sister Wives: Is Kody Thinking Of Reconciling With Ex-Wives?

The Sister Wives star Kody Brown intially g ave a spoiler for Season 18 that he will continue his “monogamous” relationship with Robyn

. But now it seems that he might have changed his mind and wants to return to his polygamous lifestyle by regaining two of his ex-wives. Recently, a source revealed that Kody could “simply” get at least “half” of his family back if he wishes to. It would require a lot of “hard work” to mend the broken bonds and fix their issues. Yet, the TLC star seems “optimistic” about that!


Sister Wives

As per TheSun, Janelle and Meri would definitely take Kody back if he changes himself. But to do so, he needs to work on his communication skills and become more “open” with his former wives. However, the source disclosed that everyone hesitates in making the first move, and Kody is not doing well. The insider further revealed that he has been making some “terrible” choices lately. On the other hand, Robyn Brown is “encouraging” her husband to reconcile with Janelle and Meri, as she wouldn’t have any issues if they came back to the family! Yet, she is scared of how things will turn out in the future!

Sister Wives: Kody Wants Janelle & Meri After Getting Rejected By New Wives?

Several sources revealed in the past that the Sister Wives star Kody Brown is searching for new wives now. Not only this, but he even failed in his attempts to bring in new wives and was turned down by them. Recently, Tender Loving Care …? podcast disclosed that Kody and Robyn were courting a lady who was from a South American country. However, it wasn’t a successful attempt and was a “complete disaster.” As per the source, the potential wife felt that the couple simply wanted a ‘Mail order bride.’ So she decided to leave as soon as possible.

Kody Brown faces very obvious question in 'Sister Wives' tell-all special  preview | CNN

There is a fair chance that after witnessing the struggle to bring new wives, Kody concluded that it’s better to reconcile with Janelle and Meri. Evidently, the latter one was ready to take back her husband intially. But Kody wasn’t ready at that time. On the other hand, Janelle’s main issues were because of her kids. So if her estranged husband comes back in his 2.0 better version, then there is a fair chance that she would like to give her marriage a second chance. Keep returning to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.



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