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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Spanks Daughter Ariella, Hits Her In Public As Per SHOCKING Report!

Kody Brown is always surrounded by controversies. The Sister Wives star has always been in trouble for his patriarchal ways in his plural marriage with Robyn, Janelle, Christine, and Meri. But even after three failed marriages, it looks like Kody is still sticking to his problematic behavior. Apparently, some fans spotted him creating a commotion on an outing with his family. He even hit his daughter Ariella when he and Robyn were in a public place! So, what happened?

Sister Wives': Kody Brown Calls Himself a 'Devil' as Robyn Sobs over Broken  Family

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hits His Daughter Ariella Publically!

Sister Wives celebrity Kody Brown has been a consistent part of the show for almost a decade. In the last 18 seasons, his patriarchal ways have made everyone uncomfortable. Well, things gradually fell apart so much that Christine, Janelle, and Meri parted ways with him. Now, he is only married to Robyn. As per a noted blogger, Without A Crystal Ball, Kody and Robyn, with their five kids, were at a museum in Wyoming. That’s when their youngest daughter Ariella began integrating with a nearby family and their baby.

Kody and Robyn were busy and had told their son Dayton to look after the younger kids. But the youngster got a bit carried away while talking to a Sister Wives fan. That’s when Ariella began talking to another family. Allegedly, Kody Brown got angry after seeing such a thing. He also apologized to the family and told Ariella to stay out of the baby’s face. That’s when one of the family members tried to assure the patriarch that his daughter was doing so such a thing. But it was not good enough for him.

Apparently, Kody Brown pulled his daughter away and spanked her for not being away from the baby and waving at them. While all this happened, Robyn Brown looked upset and didn’t even bother to greet the other family. As per the reports, the entire family looked miserable during the outing.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Physically Abused Gwen, Too! Left Her With Bruises

Kody Brown has already faced accusations of getting violent with his kids. One of his daughters, Gwen, whom he had with Christine, also said similar things. The youngster has a Youtube channel where she provides her insights after reviewing Sister Wives’ episode. She made a shocking revelation in one of her videos by claiming Kody Brown abused her. The 21-year-old further mentioned that she considers “spanking” a way of physical abuse

and believes that parents can opt for other ways to discipline a child.


Sister Wives

Gwen also mentioned that her father would launch her up in the air to punish her. She insisted that the camera captures the good side of Kody Brown. As per his daughter, in reality, he has a much worse side that fans haven’t seen yet. Well, the fanbase was glad that she came out of this stronger and was brave enough to share her experience.


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