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Sister Wives- “Monogamous” Kody Brown Might Be Too Ashamed To Give Up Polygamy For Robyn

Kody Brown from Sister Wives believes in expanding his family. He might not be satisfied with his monogamous relationship with Robyn Brown.

  •  Despite being in a monogamous relationship, Kody Brown may return to having multiple partners due to his religious beliefs and past experiences with polygamy.
  •  Kody’s faith and religious upbringing may make it difficult for him to have a stable, exclusive relationship with his current wife, Robyn, as he believes God wants him to “multiply” and expand his family.
  •  Kody deeply values his religious beliefs and sees plural marriage as a higher call, making him feel like a sinner if he were to continue in a monogamous relationship and give up on his ideals.

SISTER WIVES Did Robyn Brown really get two honeymoons with Kody? *

Kody Brown from Sister Wives may be in a monogamous relationship with Robyn Brown, but a few reasons indicate he may return to having multiple partners again. The 54-year-old reality star became famous in 2010 when he debuted on Sister Wives. At the time, he was married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown and was looking to bring in Robyn as a fourth wife. Kody had multiple partners because he belonged to the Apostolic United Brethren. The Mormon religion allowed him to marry several women, have kids, and build families with each one of them.

The Brown family’s journey began on a good note a decade ago. Kody’s new wife at the time, Robyn, was able to fit in with Meri, Janelle, and Christine and truly embody the word, sister wife. Unfortunately, things began to crumble in the last five years after Kody started spending more time with his fourth wife and ignored the others. As a result, each one of his wives began leaving him back-to-back. In 2021, Christine split from Kody because she felt he did favoritism. Similarly, Janelle and Meri Brown left him a year later.

Is Kody Too Brainwashed To Change?

After Kody’s first three wives left him, he tumbled into a monogamous marriage with Robyn. However, it’s unlikely that he’ll stay in a one-on-one relationship for long. Kody may find another partner soon because of his long-running faith. He has practiced his religion for years and may feel like a traitor if he gave up polygamy because of his past failed relationships. A few years ago, Kody also said he couldn’t relate to monogamous husbands. His faith may have brainwashed him too much to have a stable exclusive relationship with Robyn.

He Believes God Wants Him To “Multiply”

Side by side images of Sister Wives star Kody Brown with two serious expressions

Kody has 18 children with his four partners. A big reason is the religion encourages him to always grow. Previously, the Sister Wives star has admitted that “the gospel” tells him and his family to flourish. It’s how God has intended them to live. Since Kody is a firm believer, he may still feel the need to multiply and expand his family again. The Wyoming native could bring another wife into his family so that she could bear his children and allow him to fulfill his religious goals.

Will Kody Feel Like A Sinner If He’s Monogamous?

Kody has shown how much he cares about his religious beliefs and family goals. In an episode (via TLC’s YouTube), he told Christine how she was doing wrong by leaving him. He said, “Marriage is a call to be better than you are. Plural marriage is a higher call.” The Brown family patriarch seems very much in line with what his religion expects him to do. He may feel like he has sinned if he continues a monogamous relationship and gives up on his ideals. Sister Wives star Kody considers polygamy sacred and expects himself and his partners to be their best selves and retain the plural marriage.

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