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Sister Wives: Robyn Relaunches My Sister Wife’s Closet! Struggling To Make Money?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is now finally making an effort to earn. Apparently, Christine, Meri, and Janelle were among the primary breadwinners of the family. But after they left Kody, the dynamics changed completely. Initially, Robyn also attempted to earn but failed badly. However, now it seems that after facing some severe financial issues and receiving backlash for not earning, she is again thinking of supporting her family. Recently, fans were utterly shocked when they saw Robyn’s My Sister Wife’s Closet relaunching again. What is she selling this time?

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Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Finally Relaunches My Sister Wife’s Closet

All Sister Wives collaborated with Robyn Brown initially for their jewelry and clothing boutique named “My Sister Wife’s Closet.” Their main theme was “femininity, strength, and family.” However, in 2019 their business miserably failed, and Robyn had to shut it down finally. Since then, her website claimed that it was in the works and “updating.” However, several sources revealed that she was planning to “rebuild” and “rebrand” her venture. Apparently, the celeb’s LLC was active, and she wanted to make a comeback in the fashion realm. So, Robyn has officially launched her My Sister Wife’s Closet again!

Apparently, after making a comeback, Robyn has significantly reduced her prices. Initially, she received backlash for unreasonable price tags on ordinary designs. But not, it seems that she is determined to make her venture successful and is attracting an audience currently. Many of the jewelry pieces are listed at half of their actual cost. However, still, it seems that viewers aren’t attracted to the offers. Some Sister Wives fans suspected that maybe Robyn was now clearing off her previous stock at lower prices because she initially couldn’t sell it with the hefty price tags. A user wrote, “I really doubt they are turning a profit..” Another one added, “What a waste..”

Sister Wives: What Went Wrong In My Sister Wife’s Closet?

The popular TLC show Sister Wives is well-known and has a huge fan base. So, viewers were taken aback when they got to know about My Sister Wife’s Closet’s massive failure. Initially, fans expected it to make a lot of profit, but it seems that there were some evident loopholes that led to its downfall. Many customers complained about the “super expensive” jewelry items it had. They felt that the quality wasn’t worth the price tags. Moreover, they felt that Robyn’s designs were “bulky silver pieces.”

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Amid all this, none of the stars ever mentioned their venture on the show. Hence, promotions weren’t proper at all, which again led to the downfall of My Sister Wife’s Closet. As per the reports, Robyn’s site had a significant amount of viewers. But it lacked actual sales and customers. In addition to all this, critics feel that perhaps the star didn’t actually use her family’s strengths for the venture’s success. However, now fans are hoping that Robyn wouldn’t repeat these things and will work on the points that initially went wrong.


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