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Sister Wives: Fans Want TLC To Cancel The Show After Seeing Janelle Breakdown & Suffering

Sister Wives is one of the longest-running shows in the history of the reality TV realm. Over more than ten years, fans have loved watching the chaotic dynamics of the Browns. But now it seems that fans have had enough of the drama now. Apparently, Season 18 has been documenting one of the most raw and dramatic moments to date. Recently, fans were upset after watching Janelle bursting into tears after an explosive fight with Kody Brown. This literally made the viewers beg the channel to cancel the annoying show. What are they up to now?

Sister Wives' Season 18: Fans Crown Janelle The Queen

Sister Wives: Janelle & Kody Had An Explosive Fight! But Why?

Season 18 of Sister Wives is documenting Janelle’s 2.0 version. She has had enough, and she isn’t ready to tolerate anything now. Apparently, the celeb has reached her boiling point now, and she isn’t leaving a chance to slam Kody for his deeds. One such incident happened when the couple had an explosive fight, leaving Janelle in tears. In the recent episode, she couldn’t control her tears while she talked about the “uncertainty” her marriage holds now. Janelle confessed that now she isn’t sure of her future with Kody Brown. The celeb revealed to Christine, “He’s getting angrier and angrier with me.”

Janelle also admitted to the cameras that now she and Kody think, “Do we keep working for this?.” After watching the miserable state of her, fans have been begging the network to cancel Sister Wives now. Several viewers took this matter to Reddit and Twitter and slammed the makers for stretching the show. A user wrote, “They’re annoying as hell. They just want the TLC paycheck.” Another one added that now the franchise “is getting old.”

Apparently, viewers have started to feel that they cannot watch Janelle in this state. They also believe that perhaps the show is simply stretching for the sake of while the polygamous storyline has completely ended in the Browns. Hence, they begged and demanded TLC to shut down Sister Wives as soon as possible.

Sister Wives' Season 18 Trailer: Kody Storms Out During Explosive Fight  With Janelle

Sister Wives: Will TLC Cancel This Franchise?

The show Sister Wives initially started off by portraying a family that practiced polygamy. But as per the current scenario, the basic storyline has completely washed off after Christine, Janelle, and Meri left Kody. Amid all this, fans are now wondering what could be the future of the show and if the network would continue with it

or not. Recently, a source made a shocking revelation to TheSun and revealed that TLC is checking the viewers’ interest now.

As per the insider, Christine’s spinoff is basically a kind of “test” with which the network is checking the interest of the viewers. It further revealed that TLC actually wants to know if the audience is interested in watching Christine and Janelle’s spinoff or not. So, if viewers would love this, there is a fair chance that Season 18 would be the last edition of the franchise. On the other hand, the source claimed that if Kody brings in new wives, then there is a possibility that his family show would return for another season. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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