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New Update: Robyn Brown’s Shocking Past Revealed! Was A Supermodel Before Marrying Kody!

The Brown family was already pretty controversial when they first appeared on TLC’s popular show, Sister Wives. However, over the years, a lot of shocking details about their past have come up. From some of the members being related, fans even got to know that Kody hasn’t exactly been treating his brides very well. Though not controversial, Brown’s fourth wife Robyn’s past has surfaced, which could be pretty shocking for some viewers. Hence, here’s all you need to know about the backstory of “Sobbin Robyn.”

Sister Wives': Robyn Brown Transformation, Photos Then to Now

Sister Wives: Robyn Was A Supermodel Before She Married Kody? Past Photos Surfaced!

Well, it turns out that Sister Wives wasn’t Robyn Brown’s first television appearance. In fact, she’s had a couple of them and had a budding TV career. A Reddit thread pointed out that a TV show has listed her for a character on their IMDb page. They also revealed some of her old pictures from her appearance. Unlike the image she currently has amongst fans, the Sister Wives celeb previously played the role of a supermodel in a 2017 television series called Just Shoot Me. Even though there weren’t any lines for her to speak, Robyn did have the screentime of a few minutes.

Sister Wives

This guest appearance of the TLC star was featured in Season 3’s fourth episode titles “Steam”. In fact, in the picture, one can spot a poster of her on the wall behind the characters. The poster has Robyn posing for a magazine cover. The fictional magazine was called “Blush,” which had a significant contribution to the show’s storyline. Her name, Robyn Brown, was even in the credits of the videos, under the supermodel tag. Fans are assuming that her name before the marriage, Robyn Sullivan, was eventually changed in the credits after she became popular with Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Wanted A “Curvy” Wife & That’s How Robyn Became His Favorite!

It hasn’t been hidden away that the Sister Wives patriarch was fond of “curvy” women since forever. In fact, his first three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, have all confirmed that he does. So, when Robyn came into the picture, she instantly became his favorite. Even today, she is his priority while he mistreats and demeans the rest of his spouses. Robyn seems to be the richest amongst the rest of the wives and even has the biggest house. On top of that, Kody spends most of his time with her whereas, the first three brides crave to have some attention.

Sister Wives

On the other hand, fans have been speculating that he might soon try to bring in a fifth wife in the equation. Many of them think that the polygamist treats his wife as “baby-makers” and loses interest in them once they cannot give him more kids. Hence, they are now pointing out that now that he already has a few kids with Robyn, Kody might look for another wife to add to the equation. Thus, there are chances that the fourth and youngest wife might lose her “favorite” status once another woman grabs her seat. Do you like Kody Brown? What do you think about his recent behavior on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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