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New Update: Christine Brown Crucified By Fans On Social Media!

‘Sister Wives:’ Why Fans Are Over Christine Brown

The Season 18 Premiere of Sister Wives aired last night on TLC and it left fans pretty divided regarding their feelings for Christine Brown. Turns out, a lot of fans are in agreement the Kody and Christine Brown split storyline is pretty played out. And, they are ready to move past the drama. Moreover, some fans argue Christine is taking a pretty “petty” and “juvenile” approach to her conversations with Kody.

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Sister Wives Is Significantly Behind Reality

One important aspect for frustrated Sister Wives fans to keep in mind is there is a huge time gap between reality and the show. Fans who follow Christine on social media already know she has moved on from Kody and is getting married to someone new. But, that drama has not played out on the show just yet. Moreover, fans know that ALL of Kody’s wives (outside of Robyn) have left him. Again, however, that drama is still in the process of playing out in this season of the show.

It is this frustrating gap between reality and the show that has some fans ready to move past the Kody and Christine split. Interestingly enough, there are some fans who aren’t all in on being Team Christine. These fans argue that there are two people in a marriage. And, Kody Brown cannot be fully to blame for everything falling apart. These same fans argue that Christine is not perfect and needs to accept her own faults for what caused her marriage to end.


Christine Brown Crucified By Fans On Social Media

On Reddit and On X, formerly known as Twitter, Christine Brown is getting chewed up and spit out by Sister Wives fans. They are not happy with the way she laughed while having a serious conversation with Kody. On Reddit, some fans admit the “sweet” higher voice she always uses to speak comes off as both condescending and annoying.


One Sister Wives fan penned in a Reddit thread that resulted in a rather lively debate about Christine: “I personally would stop glorifying Christine or viewing her as a complete victim. Not saying she doesn’t have good traits, just that I think she really skews her own narrative.”

Another fan chimed in. They thought the real issue was people disliked Kody Brown. They disliked him so much that they were supportive of Christine by default. And, these same fans were quick to slaughter. To slaughter anyone who had anything negative to say about Christine Brown as a result. The fan continued to explain this resulted in any negative views toward Christine being labeled as “unpopular opinions.”


Here’s what some other fans had to say about the discussion:

  • “I love Christine but I don’t think she’s perfect, who is? What I appreciate about her is that she was the first one… In the family willing to take risks with communication.”
  • “I noticed last night she was loving Janelle having difficulty with Kody. She also threw the first barb at Kody while they were eating and got offended when he responded in kind. Christine isn’t the sweet innocent people believe she is.”

What are your feelings toward Christine Brown as Season 18 of the TLC series kicks off?

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