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Kody Brown’s Stance on Leon’s Transition Sparks Outrage

Why did Kody Brown unfollow Leon Brown? ‘Sister Wives’ patriarch speculated to be transphobic as he cuts ties with Meri’s trans child

Why did Kody Brown unfollow Leon Brown? ‘Sister Wives’ patriarch speculated to be transphobic as he cuts ties with Meri’s trans child

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: ‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown is no longer following his child Leon Brown on social media. Many wonder whether this is because Kody is not willing to accept Leon or if there’s another reason the two are clashing.

Kody Brown has always been an orthodox by nature and it’s no secret from anyone.

Earlier this year, his daughter Gwendlyn stated that the TLC patriarch’s views are moving more “into the right-wing conservative area” in a question-answer session in response to Episode 7 of Season 17.

Ever since Leon came out as transgender, there have been no comments from Kody or Robyn’s side. Now he seems to have his disapproval of his child even more clear.

Leon separated from the ‘Sister Wives’ family and went on to live in a “safer community.” Previously, there was speculation about Kody not being an ally of Leon but now his actions have spoken even louder.

Kody Brown returns in the TLC show 'Sister Wives' Season 18 (YouTube/@tlc)

Why did Kody Brown unfollow Leon Brown on social media?
According to Katie Joy’s Instagram post, Kody and Leon are no longer following each other on social media. Moreover, the post alleges that Kody follows numerous accounts that spew hatred against trans people.

Now, Kody and Robyn seem to have made their intentions clear as they unfollowed Leon.

Katie also stated, “Kody & Robyn allegedly do not support Leon’s transition and are allegedly not accepting at all of the LGBTQ despite pretending they are on tv according to a source.”

Leon and Kody, the father-child duo, have not been in contact for a long time now. Even since Leon came out in June 2022, the star struggled with the Brown family accepting the identity.

Moreover, the post alleges that Meri has cut ties with Kody and Robyn due to their lack of support.

Leon was brought up as a girl in a “gendered” and “restrictive” environment. They later went on to have top surgery, which gave them more confidence in public.

Leon Brown, Transgender Sister Wives Star, Undergoes Gender Reassignment  Surgery - The Hollywood Gossip

Meri Brown’s child Leon slams ‘Sister Wives’ family’s conservative beliefs
Leon took to Instagram last month to indirectly slam the conservative thoughts of Kody.

Leon started their post, claiming, “Felt like this one deserved a spot on the grid.” Leon then went on to explain, “feeling gay, trans, grateful, HOME.”

The star then indirectly took a jab at Kody, saying, “Reminder that trans people cannot be legislated out of existence. we will keep being born, keep living, keep thriving, & finding our joy.”

Leon then explained their day’s routine, “Like today, i spent some quality time outside, doing absolutely nothing & feeling grateful to exist as i am. and then i came home & watched fried green tomatoes because it was my favorite as a child, and cried when i remembered why.”

Leon recalled their childhood, “I remember being a little trans kid & watching idgie threadgoode squirm walking down the stairs in a dress & then beam when wearing a little yellow suit.”

Leon ended the post by claiming that being a trans was gift for them, “It’s little things like this that remind me we have always been here & we will always be here. being trans is a gift, one i love very much.”

Meri, unlike Kody and Robyn, is a big supporter of Leon and often displays this openly. She commented on her child’s post, “And you are my gift, one I love very much.” Even though Leon might not have Kody and Robym by their side, Meri is definitely cheering them on from the sidelines.

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