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GH Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Cyrus Spills to Anna – Sonny & Carly’s Fierce Faceoff – Josslyn’s Plea to Save Dex

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the next two weeks, April 15 to April 26, reveal that Ava Jerome (Maura West) will manipulate Nina Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) and suggest she’s taking some positive steps toward repairing Nina’s marriage.

General Hospital Next 2 Weeks: Cyrus Spills to Anna Sonny & Carly’s Fierce Faceoff

During the week of April 15-19, Ava will work to convince Nina that progress is being made.

Nina won’t see how that’s true since Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) still isn’t talking to her, but Ava might point out that Sonny questioned Drew Cain’s (Cameron Mathison) motives for rehiring her.

Ava might argue that Sonny showed concern for Nina in that moment and push her friend to just trust the process.

Perhaps Ava will argue that it just takes time and assure Nina that she’s doing her part to push Sonny back in his wife’s direction.

In reality, Ava seems far more interested in growing closer to Sonny herself!

GH spoilers say Ava’s ulterior motives will make things messy, especially when she keeps a secret from Sonny.

Since Ava took some of Sonny’s pills and didn’t feel any effects from them, she may sit on that information for now.

That said, Ava may monitor Sonny’s behavior a bit more closely and begin to wonder if the weak meds are playing a role in his emotional spinouts.

As for Sonny, he’ll have a conversation with Drew and perhaps push for the truth about why Drew hired Nina back at Crimson.

Drew may insist he’s putting the magazine’s success first and hope Sonny doesn’t get suspicious about the steamy turn his relationship with Nina recently took.

Since Drew doesn’t like Jason any more than Sonny does right now, that could give them a reason to bond as they vent about his hold on Carly Spencer (Laura Wright).

Next, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) will get a shock when she sees the aftermath of John “Jagger” Cates’ (Adam Harrington) attack, so we’ll see if he blames Sonny or Pikeman for sending those brutes.

Anna will also realize something along with Laura Collins (Genie Francis) – and it looks like it’ll involve Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober).

Soon after Laura and Anna make this realization, Anna will get Cyrus to go on the record with her.

What will Cyrus spill – and can his version of events be trusted? Whatever the case, you can bet Cyrus will have a personal agenda since he always does!

Elsewhere, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) will fish for details on what happened between Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), so she might also wonder if there’s a chance they could work things out.

Josslyn may insist that ship has sailed, but she’ll still worry about Dex as his cop training kicks off.

Sonny will quickly find out about Dex’s new career path, so Josslyn will fear the worst and deliver a heartfelt plea to Anna.

Perhaps Josslyn will admit she still cares about Dex and beg Anna not to officially hire him.

Anna may think this PCPD gig protects Dex from Sonny’s wrath, but Josslyn will insist it’s making him even more of a target.

Since it looks like Dex is becoming a police officer whether Josslyn approves or not, she may at least plead with Anna to watch over him and take a special interest in keeping him safe.

As for Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), they’ll get honest during a discussion about their finances and keep the line of communication open between them.

Back with Nina, she’ll get into a shouting match with Drew.

Could that lead to Drew and Nina shedding their clothes for another passionate romp in Drew’s office?

Later, Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) will catch up with Drew and offer sympathy following his breakup from Carly.

If Drew suddenly softens toward Nina and encourages Willow to cut her a break, Willow may wonder what’s going on.

Drew might act like it’s better not to hold grudges, but he may actually be doing Nina the favor she asked for.

Other GH spoilers say Carly will see how John’s healing and spend a little more time with him, so these two will continue to get closer.

As for Jason, he’ll shock Carly with an extremely generous gift.

Once Nina and Jason’s deal for the Metro Court gets squared away, Jason will admit he bought Carly’s half back for her.

Carly might object at first, but Jason has a knack for calming her down and helping her see things his way.

That may be the case this time as well, so Carly might end up throwing her arms around Jason for a grateful hug.

Maybe Sonny could even spot Carly and Jason’s embrace since he’s about to have a heated argument with his ex. Carly and Sonny will have a fierce faceoff, so Jason may get caught in the middle of the feud.

Jason will have a run-in with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) as well, so she’ll deliver another stern warning about Jason keeping his distance from Danny Morgan (Asher Antonyzyn).

However, Danny may be the real problem since he’ll inevitably seek out his dad and want to bond with him.

After Nina discovers something, she’ll no doubt mull it over during the week of April 22-26.

Could Nina get a clue about Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) shady side or will she find out something else?

Regardless, Anna may be hot on Valentin’s trail since she’s determined to figure out who the current leader of Pikeman is.

Valentin could have some tight spots headed his way as Anna gathers more intel and potentially gets updates on some shocking news.

Finally, Sonny’s altered meds should really start to take a toll on him.

As Sonny spirals out of control even more, will Ava pipe up about the pointless pills she took?

Our predictions hint that could lead to more trouble than Ava bargained for if Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) and others in PC blame her for tampering with Sonny’s meds herself.

General Hospital spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some curveballs, so don’t miss all the highs and lows.


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