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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny discovers that Ava is a traitor

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava and Valentin are working together to overthrow Sonny. They continuously stay in touch to update the situation and discuss the next steps through calls, sharing information, and assessing opportunities and threats. Ava’s confidence that Sonny’s trust in her has reached its highest level makes their plan more promising. Using her close relationship with Sonny, Ava seeks to exploit him and take the necessary steps for his overthrow. Both focus on a common goal and are willing to use any means to achieve it. However, in this war, both Ava and Valentin also have to face great risks and challenges from Sonny.


The success of the plan will depend on their ability to adapt and cope. Will Ava and Valentin’s plan succeed, or will Sonny soon discover the truth? However, while Ava was chatting with Valentin on the phone, Sonny overheard Ava’s betrayal, leaving him feeling heartbroken and angry as he had trusted her so much. However, Sonny still doesn’t know that Ava is collaborating with Valentin. When he can’t hear the other person’s voice, after knowing the truth, Sonny will find a way to deal with the situation.

He’ll consider all options, from finding out more information to finding a connection between Ava and Valentin. He knows this is a big challenge, and he’ll need to face it intentionally and carefully. Knowing Ava’s betrayal was a huge blow, but he doesn’t want to give up easily, and he will not let this betrayal destroy everything he’s built. Instead, he’ll find a way to protect himself and his interests. What will Sonny do to find another hidden traitor?

Meanwhile, Sonny decides to keep the fact that he knows Ava betrayed him a secret and instead pretends to know nothing. He plans to expose both Ava and her accomplices so that he can punish them for their betrayal. With bipolar disorder out of control, Sonny can’t control his emotions, and he may make a sudden and violent decision when he finds out the truth. His hatred and anger could lead to terrifying consequences if they’re determined to be traitors.

With bipolar disorder out of control, Sonny could potentially harm Ava and Valentin after finding out the truth. Murder will bring serious consequences, so he needs to think carefully and consider all options. How will Sonny punish Ava and Valentin after knowing the truth? Will he kill them or use another method? How will things turn out?


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