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Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Accidentally Reveal They Take An “INSANE” Amount Of Medicines

Almost everything related to Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn has been an eyebrow-raiser for the viewers. Their house has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Apparently, Robyn never lets the camera crew enter her home, which has created eagerness among the viewers to know why she is doing so.

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Hence, they often end up getting some sneak peeks of her house. Recently, the same happened when fans ended up discovering Robyn and Kody’s medical cabinet. They are still in disbelief because they didn’t expect what they actually saw! What were they hiding until now?

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn’s Shocking Medical Cabinet Exposed! What Were They Hiding?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown went over the top during the pandemic. He imposed strict rules on his entire family, which became one of the core reasons for their disintegration. Apparently, the last few seasons have been documenting how the patriarch dealt with COVID-19 and what were the aftermaths of it.

Amid all this, fans were in disbelief when Kody and Robyn’s medical cabinet was exposed on their show. Recently, an eagle-eyed viewer was rewatching an episode and took a screenshot of the couple’s medicinal collection to Reddit.

The thread revealed that Kody and Robyn’s house had “100s of random pills” that were kept at the “kitchen counter.” The picture featured uncountable tablet bottles with unidentifiable medicinal boxes. The OP wondered how the couple could keep these openly on their counter when they have young kids in their house.

The thread further stated what all this massive collection could be for! A user predicted, “All look like supplements [that] she probably bought on an infomercial.” Another one wondered, “Probably 80% of that is different MLM products. I just know it.” Someone was further grossed out with the view, “The clutter is suffocating.”

Sister Wives: Fans Call Robyn’s Home A ‘House Of Horror,” Why?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown’s house has been a mystery for the viewers. Apparently, she never allows filming in her residence, which has created many controversies. Lately, there have been several instances when fans got some really shocking sneak peeks of the couple’s home.

One of them was Robyn and Kody’s collection of some super expensive art pieces. Viewers were in shock to know that they owned around 20K worth of Russian art and had displayed it in their house. Hence, fans started to feel that the couple had a lot of “expensive” stuff that they didn’t want to reveal.

Sister Wives

In another instance, some viewers noticed a generous amount of filth in Robyn’s house. Boxes and packs were pilled up in a corner while viewers wondered why she wasn’t cleaning it. Apparently, many fans claimed that the star has a nanny and doesn’t have a job.

So, she perhaps has ample time to at least clean this filth. A user wrote, “It’s a house of horrors.” Another one added, “The inside of that house blew my mind.” Someone further predicted, “This is why she doesn’t want to film in the house.

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