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Fans Point Finger At Kody Brown Trying To Smear Meri’s, New Man

Recently, after Meri Brown announced her new boyfriend to the world, news broke about his past. However, Sister Wives fans are pointing the finger at Kody Brown for publically trying to smear Meri’s new man.

Meri Brown's boyfriend Amos Andrews and Kody Brown, Sister Wives

Fans Believe Kody Brown Is Trying To Smear Amos

Earlier this week, Meri Brown gave Sister Wives fans a gift for her birthday. She introduced fans to her new boyfriend, Amos. But ever since, news has swirled with details unearthed about her new beau. In particular, In Touch released an article that fans are saying “Outs Meri’s New Man.” But after the release, fans are speculating that Kody Brown was behind the smear tactic.


Fans Call Out Kody Brown On Reddit

Within a Reddit feed, Sister Wives points out how In Touch “outs” Meri, but more so discusses who they believe gave the information to the outlet. First, a user opens the conversation by saying, “Who wants to guess…who did this 🤔.” Afterward adding a screenshot of the article, “Money Woes? ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown’s New Man Amos Andrews Previously Filed for Bankruptcy.” Then fans joined in with their thoughts:

  • “This is so disgusting. She didn’t give his full name or tag him. His life shouldn’t be picked apart like this.”
  • One user mentions Meri didn’t give Amos‘ last name, but someone else rebuttals. “She did. You can very much tell he was well prep for the public outing, however. He change up his whole public profile before going public. He seemed to be prepared to answer questions about his wife and such. He was prepared to go public. I feel bad because I don’t think Amos is ready for (or desires) the public scrutiny he’s about to experience.”
  • Then someone begins to point to Kody Brown, “It’s not the tabloids destroying these women. It’s the person getting the information from producers and leaking it to certain rags for money and to punish his property for leaving him.”

Fans Continue To Speculate

Furthermore, Sister Wives fans discuss the dirt found on Amos that they claim Kody Brown is behind.

  • Then speaking about Kody Brown, someone says, “From what I understand he believes Sister Wives is ‘his’ show. He wants to see all films whether it’s used or not to see what people are saying about him and to see what the kids and the exes are doing. In their religion these women are his property. And he has the perfect way of watching everyone is by what is filmed. We sure don’t want to see Kody have a tantrum and the show is a cash cow right now. Keep Kody happy, everyone is happy. He never thought these women would leave him. He has one married and one dating. His delusions of the family coming back together and all the kids (except Leon) coming to coyotes piss to live to not going to happen. His property has left him and they took his money.”
Meri Brown, Amos-Instagram
Meri Brown, Amos – Instagram

Additionally, Sister Wives fans also talked about the Brown family having many financial woes of their own. Notably, users point out that while Kody Brown didn’t necessarily file bankruptcy, most of his wives have. And several people join with different areas that have admissions of financial struggle.

Some Fans Aren’t Sure It Was Kody Brown

While not everyone on Reddit is sure that Kody Brown is orchestrating the smear tactics, some Sister Wives fans are pleading with Meri to proceed with caution. Although most were willing to let the bankruptcy slide, one person points out another doozie from Amos’ past.

  • “I saw another article saying he had been divorced 4 times! That’s more divorces than Kody has had!” And someone else adds, “That would worry me a lot more than an old bankruptcy.”


Do you think that Kody Brown was behind the leak about Amos filing bankruptcy? Did this information about Amos surprise you? Do you hope Sister Wives will come back for another season? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.


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