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GH Spoilers: Sonny Consoling Carly After Bobbie’s Death Spells Big Trouble

The tribute for “General Hospital” star Jacklyn Zeman and her character Bobbie Spencer is coinciding with the revelation that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) was the one who turned in Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) in to the SEC for insider trading. Carly is Bobbie’s daughter, and Wright gave details of the upcoming death of Bobbie scenes to Soap Opera Digest in a January 1, 2024 interview.

General Hospital's Carly being consoled by Sonny

“Carly gets a call from the American embassy in Amsterdam. They’re calling to tell her that her mom passed away in her sleep,” she stated. Bobbie was there taking care of her late brother, Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary), financial affairs. Carly’s with her beau Drew when she gets the news, but she later encounters her ex-husband, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Wright further explained that Sonny also heard the news, “And then I say, ‘Sonny,’ and he stops and I run into his arms.”

Sonny and Carly have been married several times over, and her turning to him for comfort is worrisome. Although Wright explained that the improvised hug was, “not like, ‘Let’s make out,’ but like, ‘No one knows me better than you,'” it could lead down a path that undermines her relationship with Drew. “GH” shouldn’t go back to that well, as the CarSon love story has been done to death. They’re never going to have a happily ever after, and many fans want Carly and Sonny to be done for good.

Carly and Sonny: Been there, done that

General Hospital's Carly and Bobbie looking sad

Despite the fact that Laura Wright explained that her hug with Sonny on “General Hospital” will be platonic, the reveal of what Nina Reeves did could drive them back together. Sonny and Nina got married in October 2023, and Carly was so nasty to her that she impulsively snitched to the SEC. One astute fan explained on X, formerly Twitter, that Nina did it “because Carly was mean and rotten and a bully. And Nina lashed out at her. Maybe if she’d ever shut her mouth and STOP being mean, her life would be better.”

When Sonny learns the truth, he’s going to have to decide to either forgive Nina — not only because Carly is his ex, but also because Drew got the snot beat out of him in prison — or head straight for divorce court. If the latter happens, Sonny once again becomes a bachelor. Many fans have argued on social media that it doesn’t matter who turned them in because they committed a crime, so the consequences are their own fault.

Carly just does whatever she pleases, and doesn’t care about any ramifications because she never truly gets punished, and seeing Sonny paired with Nina is refreshing. Carly and Sonny reuniting would be bad not just for their current relationships, but also because it’s simply a “been there, done that” scenario that doesn’t need to be rehashed yet again.


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