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General Hospital: Shocking Revelation! Mr. Brennan is Dex’s Father

Ever since Victor Cassadine met his grim fate on General Hospital, the throne for a big bad villain has been empty. And what is Port Charles without a formidable baddie trying to kill people and ruin lives? Momentarily, it felt as though Cyrus Renault would fill that empty space. However, he proved to be just a place holder. Because GH has FINALLY revealed its nee mega villain – Mr. Brennan! We already know that he most likely is Pikeman, in addition to being WSB’s new Director. But is that really all? Or are we about to see a father-son link unveil here!?

Could Brennan Be Dex’s Long Lost Father on General Hospital?

Port Charles is a web of complicated relationships between the residents of the town on General Hospital. Almost every character has a link to a long existing family, or at least a long-running character on the soap. Even the newest addition- Blaze has an Abuela who lived on Sonny’s island. So it is a little hard to digest that someone like Brennan, who is here to stay (at least for a while) has no connection. As of now, there is only one prominent character on GH with zero familial ties – Dex Heller.

General Hospital
GH/ Mr. Brennan arrives in Port Charles

All we know about his past is what he has told the other characters on General Hospital. Which by any means wasn’t substantial to create a proper back story for him. So what if his history collides with Brennan’s history? Maybe the new baddie is Dex’s bio dad, who abandoned him as a child. That would explain why his parents (perhaps adoptive) never cared about his brothers repeatedly putting him in the hospital.

Or, there could be a possibility that when Dex wasn’t getting any love from his real family, he may have crossed paths with Brennan, and he may have acted as a father figure to him for a period. The two might even still be in touch on General Hospital. In fact, that would quite well explain how Dex always has so much intel about Pikeman! Because in all likeliness Brennan is Pikeman!

GH/ JDex confides in Joss

Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 11, 2023, reveal that Dex confides in Joss about his past. Don’t you think the timing is conspicuous? Brennan has just landed in Port Charles, and is already frequenting Kelly’s to meet Carly. Dex could easily bump into him. That would be enough reason for him to open up to Joss if he really has some past connection with the man. What do you think? Could they be father-son? Tell us in the comments.


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