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General Hospital: OMG! Willow Is About To Cheat On Michael!

General Hospital is heading down a dangerous road with a plethora of relationships on the line. We are already watching Valentin and Anna building up for a huge explosion in their love boat. Nina’s own SEC secret is a huge threat to her wedding bliss with Sonny. However, if that secret spills, Nina-Sonny’s marriage won’t be the only one falling apart!

Michael and Willow’s might follow suit! All thanks to the scheme Mikey is trying to pull by sitting on Nina’s secret. But what will follow is even more scandalous! This disaster might just lead Willow straight into another man’s arms. But who? Keep reading to find out!

Willow and Michael Fall Apart

Despite her unwillingness, Nina has decided to relent to Michael’s demands on General Hospital. The spoilers reveal that Nina’s offer to sell Carly back her share of the Metro Court will ring the alarms. Sonny will become suspicious and corner her, demanding to know why she is behaving this way. Similarly, Willow too, is starting to catch an “off-vibe” with Michael. After all, he is trying to hijack and control Nina’s relationship with Willow and the kids.

General Hospital
GH/ Michael and Willow heading for trouble

Another round of spoilers reveal that Ned Quatermaine is set to get his memory back on General Hospital. So even if Mikey continues to remain quiet, Ned will certainly not! After all, he did have to endure hell when everyone was accusing him for the disaster Nina created. So we can rest assure that he will expose Nina. And when that happens, Michael’s secret-keeping will get exposed too. Thus, leaving Willow feeling betrayed. It is unlikely that she will take kindly to being manipulated by Michael like that. This could send her seeking comfort in a man she has leaned on previously!

Willow and TJ Grow Closer on General Hospital

Willow and TJ Ashford have a long standing history of friendship with each other on General Hospital. Previously, when Willow was dealing with cancer and had not shared it with Michael, she was depending on TJ for support. We have a feeling, that once she feels heartbroken by Michael, that’s where she is heading for support. But what’s interesting is, TJ too, might find himself in a need of some support. The latest spoilers reveal that he and Molly will hit a road-block with their surrogate. Which means their baby plans might come crashing down.

GH/ TJ and Willow moving towards a clandestine affair?

We know Molly has a habit to closing herself off to deal with her issues. Even currently, TJ is leaning on Portia for some emotional support on General Hospital. However, once Willow and TJ start opening up to each other about their relationship issues, things could head in a scandalous direction. We have seen this go down way too many times on Daytime! TJ and Willow’s friendship could turn into a full blown romance! Will this mark the end of Willow-Michael and TJ-Molly?

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