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Christine Brown Says ‘Big, White Wedding’ Is ’Everything I Never Thought I’d Have’

“She wants to be able to wear a white dress and walk down the aisle with her dad,” Brown’s husband David Wooley told PEOPLE

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Marries David Woolley in Sexy, Elegant Wedding

Christine Brown finally got to have the ‘I do’s’ that she’s always dreamed of.

The Sister Wives star, 51, who tied the knot with fiancé David Woolley, 59, on Saturday at the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, went all out for the couple’s big day.

“I do want the big, white wedding!” Brown told PEOPLE ahead of the couple’s wedding.

Adds Woolley, “She wants to be able to wear a white dress and walk down the aisle with her dad. She never got to do on her first marriage. She wants all the bells and whistles.”

Brown was previously one of four women in polygamous marriage to ex-husband Kody Brown along with wives Janelle, Meri and Robyn. They split in 2021 after 25 years together. She and Kody are parents to daughters Aspyn, 28, Mykelti, 27, Gwendlyn, 21, Ysabel, 20, Truely, 13, and son Paedon, 25.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Marries David Woolley in Sexy, Elegant Wedding
Christine Brown surrounded by her family on her wedding day.DANI SORK PHOTO

When the pair connected in 2022, the connection was instant. “The first time I met David, I realized it was something super special. Even like… within next date or the one after, I realized he was it, and he was just it for me. I didn’t date anybody else after I went out with him on the first date,” says Brown, adding, “He was very easy to fall in love with. And then after that it’s like, ‘Well, then let’s just go ahead and start our lives together.’ It seems like the most natural steps to do.”

While planning their wedding, Brown says that including their loved ones was a big priority. “We just liked the idea of having as much family and friends there as possible. It’s going to be absolutely the best beautiful day ever!”

The couple kicked off the festivities on Friday night with a scenic dinner cruise down the Colorado river, before exchanging vows on Saturday in front of 330 guests.

“David is just home,” says Brown. “I feel like wherever we are together, we just create this amazing unity together. We’re just a solid unit, and whatever goes on around us just doesn’t even matter. Being married together just solidifies us together.”

Adds Woolley: “I knew Christine was ‘the one.’ It just feels so right.”

Woolley popped the question to Brown in April in Utah.

“David treats me like a queen and tells me I’m beautiful every day,” Christine told PEOPLE at the time of the proposal. “I’ve never been in love like this before, and the world seems like a brighter place with him in it.”

She adds: “I’m so excited for the wonderful adventure we are going to embark on for the rest of our lives.”

“We have so many things in common,” says Brown. “It’s just easy. I found someone who was everything I’ve been looking for, who is a true partner, and someone who just wants to be with me and loves me for me.”

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Marries David Woolley in ‘Sexy, Elegant’ Wedding: See the Photos! (Exclusive)
Christine Brown and David Woolley on their wedding day.DANI SORK PHOTO

Now, as the couple settles into married life they are enjoying every moment.

“Vacations. Having fun, just enjoying sitting, watching movies, waking up at five o’clock morning to run out and look at the space station fly over,” says Wooley. “We just do random nerdy stuff, and it’s just fun. There’s no, “Oh, I need my sleep.” We’ll get up and do it.”

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