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New Deed !! Who Will Own The Coyote Pass? Has Janelle Relinquished The Property?

It appears that a portion of the Sister Wives Coyote Pass land is now for sale by owner. The family now officially owns the land as of June. Yet, with all of the drama surrounding the family and who will actually want live on the land, it looks like they are taking action. So, much is for sale? Read on for more details.

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Portion Of Sister Wives Coyote Pass For Sale By Owner

When the Sister Wives family purchased Coyote Pass, the goal was for the wives to have individual lots. There was some drama about who would take which lot and then Kody Brown decided he wanted his own spot, as well. What was once a fun endeavor and dream became a hassle, especially for Christine Brown. She was ready to leave the marriage she had been in for over twenty-five years yet she was going through the motions. Finally, she revealed that she was leaving the family and selling her home in Flagstaff. Of course, Kody Brown wanted the profits but his second wife, Janelle had her own perspective.

Coyote Pass/Sister Wives/YouTube
Coyote Pass lots-Credit: YouTube

Since Christine was giving up her stake in Coyote Pass, that was the equivalent of what she was getting from the home sale. Therefore, it was even. Unfortunately, the land was not paid off completely and the Sister Wives fam had until this year to do so. By now, Janelle and Meri had left along with Christine so what was the point of really having it? It was paid off, per In Touch, by Kody and Janelle, in early June 2023. Around the same time, a ‘For Sale’ sign was seen there but the reason was unknown.

Now, according to TikToker @historyinsixtie, three acres of Coyote Pass are for sale. She headed down there and saw the ‘For Sale By Owners’ sign and now, they are officially the owners. This means that someone’s lot is for sale. However, she did note that nothing has been built on the land and it is quite vacant. Though it is gorgeous, it is untouched. So, whatever does go up would be a lonely little home, yet quiet and peaceful all the same.

Can They Sell It?

The Sister Wives family did face a lot of building challenges. However, since they do own the land, they can sell fragments of it on their own. No, they do not need a realtor though it helps that Janelle Brown has experience from working in Las Vegas. Will there be any Browns on the lot with them? That is unclear yet Janelle, again, was the only one who continuously expressed interest in building on Coyote Pass. In fact, she was so deadset, she purchased the RV to camp there for the summer in 2021. Plus, she drew up what her potential home would look like.

Could you imagine yourself living with the Browns right next to you? More so, why do you think they are selling off three acres? Are Kody and Robyn that hard-pressed for money? Leave your thoughts on this and watch Sister Wives August 20th on TLC.


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