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Sister Wives: Kody Says Other Wives Didn’t Allow Him To Love Robyn!

The Brown family patriarch, Kody, has observed the dramatic change in his paradise ever since his first split with Christine. He has been dealing with the aftermath of his split, besides his troubled relationship with Meri and Janelle in the current airing season.

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In the recent episode, the Sister Wives star said that his relationship with Robyn didn’t have enough time to bloom. Kody even declared her to be the “only wife” he has a good bond with. Read further to have another scoop!

Sister Wives: Kody Says That Things Have Become ‘Awkward’ Between Him & Robyn!

Kody Brown has been seeing his plural marriage shatter in the last two years. In the October 8 episode, he even blamed his broken relationship with other Sister Wives for keeping his love for Robyn under wraps.

During Sunday’s episode, he confessed that it was ‘awkward’ that he was never allowed to be in love with or find solace with Robyn. The fifty-four-year-old then described her as the only wife he shares a bond amid the quasi-plural marriage mess they have been in for years.

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Kody continued sharing that his mess with other Sister Wives has not made things easier for him and Robyn. They still find it difficult to express their love for each other. He added, “This is not a safe place for us.”

During another conversation, Kod shared that Robyn always tried to maintain distance in front of other wives to avoid jealousy. The former polygamist thus blames his ex-wives for not allowing him and Robyn to enjoy each other’s company.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Is ‘Frustrated’ With The Fragmented Plural Family!

During the latter half of Sunday, October 8, episode of Season 18, Robyn confessed her frustration. While talking to the cameras, she shared that seeing Kody’s marriages with other Sister Wives break into small pieces had been extremely annoying.

The fourth wife was feeling unpleasant because she was unable to help Kody reconcile with his other wives. She then blamed all of them by stating, “It’s all of them doing it. It’s Kody with Christine and Kody with Janelle, and I have no say and I have no influence whatsoever.”

Sister Wives”' Kody Feels 'Uncomfortable' amid Robyn's 'Pressure' to  Reconcile with Meri: I 'Don't Need That'

Robyn was even seen helping Meri by showing her that there is hope of making things right between her and Kody. She talks about her incapability to make Janelle, Christine, and Meri fix things with Kody. She then described the situation as “frustrating’ and even called it a ‘dealbreaker.’

Later in Sunday’s episode, Robyn’s efforts seem to have impacted Meri’s thoughts. As she confessed her ‘hopes’ for their reconciliation with Kody, irrespective of all the troubles. Does this mean, before relocating for her B&B business, could Meri and Kody end up doing a successful reconciliation?

Do you expect things to get back to normal between Kody and Meri? What do you think of Kody blaming other wives for not giving him and Robyn enough time to love? Sound off in the comments.

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