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Kody Brown Proves He’s Really Moving On From Plural Marriage By Making This Major Change

Kody Brown is moving on from his polygamous past. The Sister Wives star embraces his new monogamous life with Robyn Brown by taking a huge step.

  • Sister Wives’ Kody Brown replaces his Claddagh ring with a new one, signaling his departure from polygamy and his commitment to his monogamous relationship with Robyn.
  •  Meri is surprised and slightly bothered by the change, questioning why Kody was being awkward about it. She claims to not care about the ring’s origin, but her reaction suggests otherwise.
  •  Kody’s decision to replace the Claddagh ring reflects his shift away from polygamy and his new relationship dynamic with Robyn. Meri’s emotional infidelity may have played a role in their deteriorating marriage.

Kody Brown from S ister Wives replaced his Claddagh ring with a new one, showing he’s confident about moving away from polygamy. The 54-year-old Brown family patriarch married four women in the last three decades, hoping to build one big family. However, he couldn’t sustain them forever and eventually fell into a monogamous relationship with his youngest wife, Robyn Brown. During Sister Wives season 18, Kody split up from Janelle Brown a year after losing Christine Brown. Kody also ended things with Meri Brown, for whom he felt no love over the last few years.

ET recently shared a preview clip from Sister Wives season 18, which shows Kody confidently flashing his new symbol of monogamy. The reality star is sitting across from his former wife Meri and his current (and only) wife Robyn. As Meri speaks to them about her plans to move away, she spots a new ring on her former husband’s hand and points it out.

She says, Sorry, I am distracted by your ring. That’s a different ring.” While Kody laughs it off and says it was just a “ring,” Meri reminds the cameras that he used to wear another one. She notes, “I did notice that it was replacing the Claddagh ring we all used to wear together.”

Meri Brown Claims She Doesn’t Care Kody Replaced His Ring

Meri is shocked to see the change but isn’t bothered about it. She is confused about why Kody was smirking about the ring and making things awkward at the table. The 52-year-old Sister Wives star tells the cameras, “It’s weird that he is being so awkward about it. Like, if he doesn’t want me to see the ring, don’t wear it to my house.” Kody simply chuckles during the clip, like a kid who gets caught stealing cookies. However, Meri isn’t impressed by his behavior. She adds, “I have no idea what this ring is or where it came from.” Meri claims she doesn’t care where the ring came from.

It’s clear why Meri was surprised to see Kody’s new ring. The Sister Wives cast member was Kody’s first wife and had been with him for years. She assumed he would never change the Claddagh ring representing their polygamous relationship. However, Kody did the unthinkable by replacing the symbol of plural marriage. One possible reason for this change could be his newfound monogamous relationship with Robyn. Kody is no longer with Christine, Janelle, or Meri. Therefore, he has no reason to wear the Claddagh ring, as it doesn’t represent anything meaningful to him.

While Meri claimed she wasn’t jealous or cared about Kody’s new piece of jewelry, she certainly seemed bothered by it. It’s clear that she was shocked by the change, but she shouldn’t have pointed it out. She should have known that her relationship with Kody wasn’t the same as it was years ago. Meri and Kody’s relationship went downhill after Meri fell for a catfish online. She stepped out of the marriage by committing emotional infidelity. If the Sister Wives star had been faithful to the rules of her marriage, Kody might still be with her as her husband.


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