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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Makes First Move On New BF Amos?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been making headlines since revealing her new boyfriend, Amos, to the public. Many are happy for the 53-year-old, as she finally found someone who appreciates and loves her. The California native took to IG Stories recently for her weekly livestream segment with her friend, Jenn. Amos also joined in the livestream and shared details about him and how his relationship with Meri began. Keep reading to see the surprising revelations about the new couple.

Sister Wives Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Amos Clarifies Divorce Rumors

Amos made headlines after reports claimed he was married four times before meeting Meri. An alleged ex-wife, who wished to remain anonymous, also surfaced, claiming that the Utah man was engaged multiple times and had women in and out of his life. However, Amos clarified the rumors about him during the Sister Wives star’s IG livestream. According to him, he was only married three times. He didn’t share further information about how his past marriages failed. But it seems that he’s now happy with the TLC star, and many are cheering for them.

Amos Meri Brown
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

Meri Makes First Move On Amos?

Amos also revealed during the same livestream that he only wanted to be friends with Meri. However, he claimed that the Sister Wives star persuaded him into dating. The two were so intimate during the IG Live, exchanging kisses and giving hugs to each other. Furthermore, Amos added that he was a very private person with no social media, and Meri Brown’s celebrity status was a red flag to him, which may be the reason why he wanted to stay friends.


Amos and Meri began dating in October 2023. Kody’s former first wife also received positive comments following her delayed revelation, as some believe that she gave way to Christine and David’s wedding special.

Sister Wives: Amos Impresses Meri Brown’s Fans

Some Reddit users are also impressed by Amos’ personality. According to them, Meri’s new man seems like a kindhearted person. It was also obvious throughout the livestream how much the Sister Wives star loves her new man. Jenn even joked about how the two are already married.

Sister Wives Meri Brown
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

Though it seems that tying the knot will soon be a real topic for the new couple as the year moves forward. Here are some of the comments Amos received from the Redditors.

  • “Amos has kind eyes and gave off good vibes. I’m pleased that Meri is enjoying their relationship. She doesn’t need to end up married to him for it to be a success (and if they do, that’s great too). Best wishes to them.”
  • “I agree. He is attentive to Meri, which is always a good sign. He is not into publicity and does not have a social media account; he opened up to the public the second his name was announced, which is another good sign. I hope their relationship goes wherever they both want.”

Aside from her new man, it also appears that Meri Brown is making big business moves this year. It was reported that she secretly filed paperwork for a new media business called Meri Brown Communications LLC, which aims to engage with “social media, entertainment services, public speaking, writing, and interview engagements.”

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