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Sister Wives: Kody Reveals Awful Agenda for Janelle’s Date Night?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown‘s hair flies as Kody Brown toots her around town in a convertible as they go on a date in the next episode of the TLC series. This attempt to ignite the embers has him acting insipid and his second wife looking a bit smitten. But the father of 18 comes with a hidden agenda that Janelle might find just awful if she only knew about it.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown Calls Janelle Separation a 'Mistake'

Sister Wives: If Janelle Brown Only Knew What Kody Brown Was Thinking

Janelle Brown admitted she still has affection for Kody Brown, but it looks like this shared husband doesn’t feel the same. What Kody Brown said on Sunday’s episode was one of the worst things the viewers heard come out of his mouth about his three original Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown | CBS
Sister Wives | CBS

Janelle Brown would have no way of knowing this at the time she went on this date for her birthday. She would likely not become aware of it until she watched last week’s episode in real-time. But on the next Sister Wives episode, Kody and Janelle make a reboot attempt by going out on a date.

Chances are if she knew what Kody Brown was thinking at the time she would have gotten out of that car. Or not have gone with him in the first place.

That’s because this date is not for wooing Janelle because he misses her. No, it sounds like this date is to appease Robyn Brown.

Kody Continues to Trash Janelle & Other Two Wives

All three of the original three Sister Wives have had Robyn Brown thrown in their faces by Kody Brown. Janelle Brown and Christine Brown talked about that at length in the last episode.

Kody denies it and claims that Robyn is the only wife to show him the respect he feels he deserves. But then he said something so awful, that it made fans sick.

He said he couldn’t care less when Meri Brown told him she was moving to Utah. He also confessed that the only reason won’t dump his wives is because of Robyn. The reason – he doesn’t want to lose her respect. So, it looks like Kody is all for the Sister Wives brides trickling down to one.

So, the patriarch of the Brown clan is not interested in fighting for his three marriages. He doesn’t seem to care that Janelle is on her way out as well. But in the next episode, fans get a shocker from Janelle. In the last episode, it seemed as if she was about to jump ship. Instead, she goes out on a date with Kody.

Sister Wives: Kody Uses Janelle to Appease His Youngest Wife?

Kody said it himself in the last episode. His affiliation with the other three wives is fueled by his need to not make himself look bad in his fourth wife’s eyes.

So, from what the Sister Wives cast has said before, they don’t see the episodes before they air. That means Janelle Brown won’t hear Kody say this until this coming Sunday. Or in the preview released this week.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown | Twitter
Sister Wives | Twitter

He says this in the same episode that Janelle goes on a date with Kody. Fans say he sounds ridiculous sitting there giggling and saying that he is nervous wondering if he should kiss her or not.

Janelle Brown didn’t like the idea of Kody throwing Robyn in everyone’s face. This is what she talked about in the last couple of Sister Wives episodes.

Fans heard him suggest that he is only worried about staying on Robyn’s good side by his interactions with the other wives. So to say the fans are livid is likely an understatement.

Date Night Doesn’t Change Anything?

While Janelle heads off with Kody on the next episode, she hasn’t heard him give this spiel yet. But fans bet if she had, there would be no date night.

While it will be entertaining to see this date, fans know it didn’t do much to keep them together. Jump ahead in real time and Janelle Brown left Kody Brown. But until then fans get to see him act silly and court her in this upcoming episode.

Although he plays the part of a teenager on his first date next Sunday, viewers already heard what he has to say about Janelle Brown and the other wives. So, they believe he’s just playing a part all for the sake of his youngest wife on the TLC series.

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