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Robyn Sobs, Demands To Know Why Family Is ‘Broken’ In Tense Moment!

SISTER Wives star Robyn Brown has sobbed and demanded answers to why her family is falling apart in the newest episode of the reality show. In a confessional during the episode, Robyn looked forlorn as she began to cry about the deteriorating state of her family.

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown broke down in tears and demanded to know why her family was broken in a new episode

She was on the verge of bawling as she considered the dire situation the family found themselves in.

“I need a reason why my family got blown to smithereens,” she admitted as she began to cry.

But it wasn’t just Robyn, 44, that was forlorn over the difficulties the family had been having. No one was in a very positive humor as they reflected on how things had changed since Christine left the home and family dynamic.

In one confessional scene in the episode, Meri admitted that she wished there were still a way for everyone to figure out their differences and come together as a family. Meri and Robyn discussed Christine, who is engaged to David Woolley, having left from the family and how difficult it’s made family gatherings for the holidays difficult.

Christine, 51, had her own take on what’s been happening to everyone since she left, in the meantime. It seemed as though she had all but refused to reconcile with Meri or the rest of the family, nor did she think it would be possible.

It was clear that Meri and Christine were refusing to reconcile after all the drama in their lives together

“I thought naively that we would all be able to get together again for holidays and family functions,” Christine said in a confessional scene on Sister Wives.

“But as of right now, I don’t see that possible. I just don’t. There are so many things that are broken now. We’re just not a family anymore,” she admitted.

Meri, 52, seemed more hopeful, but skeptical that any reconciliation was even possible.

“Do I wish that we could all get our crap together and figure things out and have good relationships? Yeah, absolutely, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen and I don’t know if that’s even possible or if everyone is willing or interested,” she said from her seat on the couch.

Later, Robyn and Meri embraced with a quick “Love you” after the two spoke outside by the fire about the rift between each member of the family.

“It was good chatting,” Meri replied, with a longer “Love you.”

Meri admitted that she wished there were still a way for everyone to figure out their differences


Meanwhile, Christine snubbed ex-husband Kody as well as Meri and Robyn. She did not invite Kody, Meri, or Robyn to her 50th birthday party.

“So many of our family gatherings were tense,” the TV personality said reminiscing on old memories. “I didn’t feel like I was really a wife, I just felt like a second-class citizen a lot of the time.

“So I really am only going to invite people that I really want to hang out with and that it’s going to be easy and relaxing and no drama.”

With that in mind, however, she did invite fellow sister wife Janelle, since the two still talk regularly. Christine also invited the other kids in the family that she keeps contact with.


Previously, Janelle left for Christine’s home after breaking down in tears over financial issues following her breakup from Kody. She took to her Instagram Stories to announce where she had gone to her fans.

The star shared a snap of sunflowers and mentioned she was “on her way” up to Utah for a “fun weekend.” Heading to Utah meant she would be spending time with Christine, who purchased a new home in Lehi with her fiancé David, 59. On Thursday, Christine got on an Instagram Live with Janelle and showed followers her drastic weight loss.




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