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Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 7 Recap: Most Shocking Moments!

Sister Wives season 18 continues with a reveal from Meri Brown & a revelatory lunch between Christine Brown and Janelle Brown that changes everything.

  •  Janelle and Christine discuss their troubled marriages to Kody, realizing that he has changed and they no longer recognize him.
  •  Meri reveals her plan to move her business to Utah to Robyn, who struggles to understand and support her decision.
  •  Robyn blames Christine for the family’s struggles, believing that if Christine had tried harder in her relationship with Kody, their situation would not be so difficult.

Sister Wives season 18 episode 7 saw Meri Brown finally sharing the news of her move with Robyn Brown, while Janelle Brown shared the state of her marriage to Kody Brown with Christine Brown. As the Brown family has moved forward after Janelle and Kody’s argument during Sister Wives season 18 episode 3, everyone has been on fairly unstable ground. The family has been navigating their tricky emotions, especially after Christine’s departure in season 17, but some have been handling things better than others when it comes to the tough feelings surrounding divorce.

While Janelle seems to be finding herself with more clarity than ever when it comes to Kody’s behavior, Meri looks to be stuck in trying to live her life and play the part of attentive sister wife at the same time. Kody, who’s confused by Janelle’s lack of interest in reconnecting, has a lot of mixed feelings about what’s happening in his family and only seems to be sharing with Robyn. Meanwhile, Robyn is putting the blame about the Brown family’s issues on everyone but her, but claims she isn’t playing the victim on the latest episode of Sister Wives.

Janelle And Christine Met To Discuss Janelle’s Future

Sister Wives' Christine & Janelle Brown looking serious

After Sister Wives season 18 episode 6, it was clear that Janelle and Kody’s relationship was in jeopardy. No one, even Janelle herself, was sure what the future would hold, but she decided to have lunch with Christine while she was in Flagstaff to discuss what was going on and try to talk her feelings out. Christine, who was in a similar position just a year prior, was happy to help Janelle, though she feared she wasn’t entirely finished with Kody in the way both women hoped.

Meri Revealed Her Future Plans To Robyn

Meri Brown montage from sister wives

Meri asked Robyn to come to her house for a visit because she had some difficult news that she wanted to share, hoping to use Robyn as a sounding board before she spoke directly to Kody. Meri let Robyn in on her plan to move her business up to Utah, explaining that though she’d be selling her house and spending more time out of Flagstaff, that it would still be her home. Robyn took the news hard, getting tearful and trying to understand what it meant for their family.

Robyn Was Skeptical Of Meri’s Move And Her Relationship

Sister Wives's Robyn and Kody

Although Robyn tried to be supportive of Meri’s choices in the moment, in interview segments viewers saw that she wasn’t having an easy time. She tearfully explained that though she understood where Meri was coming from, she was skeptical of the move. She didn’t believe Meri was trying to put her relationship with Kody or their family first, but instead finding an opportunity to take herself away from the tough situation entirely. She tried to talk it out, but found herself unable to change Meri’s mind.

Janelle Told Christine She Was Done Being Married To Kody

Sister Wives Kody Brown Janelle Brown

At Janelle and Christine’s lunch, the former Sister Wives were happy to be catching up after not seeing each other for a few weeks. When Janelle shared that she was done being married to Kody, Christine wasn’t exactly surprised but did have a moment of shock hearing the words out loud. Janelle shared that while she wasn’t certain she was ready for a divorce, she wasn’t happy being married to Kody anymore. Both women agreed he’s changed so much that they didn’t truly recognize him, and Janelle felt that was a huge red flag for her in the long-term.

Meri Was Irritated By Robyn’s Reaction To Her News

After Meri shared her news with Robyn, the two continued to talk about it and make decisions surrounding the family. Meri, in interview segments, was irritated by Robyn’s reaction. Rather than saying she understood where Meri was coming from of trying to give her any sort of pep talk about her decision, Robyn tried to play the victim about what Meri’s move would look like for her. While Meri was nervous to tell Robyn, she also explained in her interviews that she knew Robyn knowing was a crucial part of Kody’s overall acceptance.

Robyn Explained Her Frustrations With Kody’s Lack Of Effort

Sister Wives Robyn Brown

In an interview segment of her own, Robyn took her frustrations out on Kody rather than her fellow Sister Wives. She shared that it was irksome to her how little effort Kody puts into his relationships, even his relationship with her. Robyn shared that she doesn’t play the victim in these situations, but looks for a way to change things, even if the problems don’t have to do with her. Robyn shared that she’s expressed the desire to live in plural marriage to Kody, and that ultimately monogamy isn’t the lifestyle she wants, so he needs to do more to ensure things don’t get more difficult with Janelle and Meri.

Christine & Janelle Reflected On Their Relationships With Kody & Robyn

sister wives christine brown in peach sweater pink background

Christine and Janelle got to a point in their conversation where they were discussing the dynamic between themselves, and Kody & Robyn as a couple. Christine explained that a lot of the time after Robyn joined the Brown family in 2014 it felt like she as a wife was dealing with Kody & Robyn, rather than just her own husband Kody. Janelle shared the sentiment, explaining that it felt like she, Christine, and Meri were all just bystanders watching Kody and Robyn’s marriage play out, and sometimes participating themselves. It wasn’t what either woman wanted out of plural marriage, especially knowing what they had before Robyn came into the picture.

Robyn Blamed Christine For The Brown Family’s Downfall

Sister Wives Season 18 Robyn Brown

While Christine and Janelle discussed how difficult Robyn coming into the family was for them, Robyn was talking about how Christine was the downfall of their family. She shared in an interview segment that she feels Christine ruined things for their family. If Christine had tried harder in her relationship with Kody, Robyn feels that their situation wouldn’t be as difficult. She said she doesn’t feel like Christine was a good sister wife to her, but further, doesn’t feel that she tried to fix her relationship with Kody when it began to crumble for the betterment of their family.

Janelle & Christine Share They’ll Always Be Sister Wives

Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with Janelle & Christine Brown looking serious

After a long afternoon together and a lot of revelations between them, Christine and Janelle began talking about their relationship as Sister Wives, explaining that to each of them, a sister wife is someone who helps with the kids and offers support in their marriage. Janelle and Christine felt they’d been great sister wives to one another, and both explained that they feel bonded now more than ever. Though their time in relationships with Kody is nearly up, Christine and Janelle feel bonded as Sister Wives and plan to carry that bond into any future relationships they have.

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