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How Old Is Ariella Brown & Why Is She Still Using A Pacifier?

How old is Robyn Brown’s daughter, Ariella Brown, who is constantly walking around with a pacifier in her mouth? Sister Wives fans have spent a few seasons being livid about this situation. They feel that she is way too old to still have this in her mouth. At the same time, the show is somewhat behind between filming and airing. Therefore, how old is the youngest Brown, and is it even safe for her to have the pacifier? Read on for more details.

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How Old Is Ariella Brown & Why Is She Still Using A Pacifier?

Kody and Robyn Brown have five children together. When they got married, she brought in three from a previous marriage, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. In 2014, the couple legally wed when he and his first wife, Meri Brown divorced. This was allegedly so that he could adopt Robyn’s three. During this time, they welcomed their first biological child, Solomon. Then, in January 2016, Ariella Brown was born, the youngest of the Brown children. She eventually became the apple of her father’s eye which was a hard pill for Truely to swallow. Truely, his daughter with former third wife, Christine Brown, had always been his little princess.

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In any case, as time went on, Ari grew up but one thing stayed the same. She always had a pacifier in her mouth. This has become increasingly disturbing for fans of the show, especially now that she is seven. Now, Season 18 was filmed at the end of 2021, therefore, she was on the cusp of turning six. Dentists recommend that children stop using such devices by the age of three. Ariella Brown still has her pacifier but is there a reason?

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One fan wondered if she may have sensory issues which would make sense yet that has not been acknowledged. Then again, Christine and Kody’s daughter, Gwendlyn is autistic and that was never mentioned. The only person who has been diagnosed on the show is Robyn’s eldest son, Dayton as having Asbergers. With no diagnosis and the older Ari gets, fans are looking at Robyn and pointing the finger directly at her.

Bad Parenting?

Sister Wives fans are still on social media sharing their feelings about Ariella Brown and her pacifier. They not only blame Robyn but also note Ari’s blatant speech impediment.





Essentially, fans do not understand why Robyn and Kody are allowing her to still soothe with a pacifier. They will shame them until they get an answer and, at this point, it is really heartbreaking.

What are your thoughts about Ariella still having a pacifier at seven? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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