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Christine Begs Ex Kody To ‘See His Kids’ After ‘Cruel’ Treatment!

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has begged her ex-husband Kody to “see his kids” after he was ripped for not reaching out to his daughter Savannah.

Janelle and Christine are ripping Kody for not seeing his daughter Savannah

In last week’s episode, Savannah’s mom Janelle, 54, got into an explosive fight with Kody, 54, that led her to yell at producers. In tonight’s episode, Christine came over to Janelle’s new apartment.

Christine and Janelle have been improving their relationship since they both split from Kody. Janelle opened up to her Sister Wives co-star and shared: “Kody did not see the boys or Savannah over Christmas.”

Savannah confirmed: “No, he hasn’t spoken to me since my birthday.”

In a confessional, Christine said: “Savannah’s birthday is in the beginning of December – and it’s the middle of January.

“He lives a half hour away. He comes into town. It’s just this pattern that he has,” she continued to rant and then began to tear up on camera.

Kody didn't come to visit his daughter Savannah for nearly a month and a half

Fans reacted to the emotion clip on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One fan shared: “I’m here for Christine & Janelle being strong independent women.

“Just because you have 25 kids doesn’t mean you get to punish or not talk to them.”

The same fan concluded: “The phone doesn’t work both ways when you are the Dad and very seriously wrong.” Another fan reacted: “Meri hit on something when she said Robyn’s mad her kids didn’t get what the rest of the kids got in terms of family and sibling relationships.

“But you know what your kids do have Robyn? A dad who’s around.”

Janelle spent the holidays in a vacation rental with Savannah. While Janelle noted how the holiday was a “relief,” she also said she felt a “sadness” due to the fact that Kody was “not showing up for his kids.” Savanah labeled the day as “quiet” but “kind of pleasant” as she and her brothers were shown opening their stockings while sitting on the couch.

Janelle's daughter, Savannah, admitted she hadn't talked to Kody since her birthday

Janelle said she had not heard from any other family members that day, to which Kody explained he didn’t “see the point” in trying to make their situation work for the holiday. Kody continued to call Janelle “out of mind” and “out of sight” for him, saying he was “blocking everything else” out for that day unless it was about his “loyal” wife and children. With Kody not reaching out to Savanah and the others, many angry viewers have called out the TLC star for his all-time low behavior.

In another scene from Sunday’s episode, Janelle shared her feelings with viewers following the intense fight she got into with her ex-husband. In last week’s episode, Janelle got into an explosive fight with Kody that led her to yell at producers. Kody was seen explaining that this altercation with Janelle was “building up for months,” saying: “It’s just one betrayal after another in my mind.”

Later in the scene, a close-up of Janelle’s face appeared as she said: “I’m pretty depressed about it,” talking about the fight.

“Never in a million years did I think I could get in this position,” she continued.

She finally admitted she felt “stuck” in the relationship and that she “didn’t know” Kody.


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