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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Doesn’t Come Home Alone? Morgan Twist Coming!

GH’s proverbial twist – killing one (jail) bird with two stones!

So, General Hospital spoilers reveal that the soap is setting stage for a much awaited return – Jason Morgan! a.k.a. Stone Cold! But, a little birdie chirps that we might get stoned two times over! Confused? Keep reading for the juicy clarification!

Recently, GH has been name dropping “Stone” way too much. On the surface anyone would guess that the reference is towards Jason Morgan. After all, we do know that Steve Burton is returning in early March to the soap, per General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital Spoilers -Jason
GH/ Steve Burton returns as Jason

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But when has this ABC soap ever been that straight of an arrow? Yup, never! Which means, there is a twist waiting for us around the corner. Now, we know that Jason is not the only man with “Stone” as his alias or nickname. General Hospital spoilers verify that Sonny & Carly‘s “deceased” son is named – Morgan STONE Corinthos,

General Hospital Spoilers: Two Stones Better Than One

Could GH be giving us a double back from the grave bonanza? The recent General Hospital spoilers confirm that Olivia Jerome’s transport van was intercepted by two masked men. While, the attackers claimed the mobster’s life, they spared the guards’ lives. Not very villainous of the duo, if you ask us.

General Hospital Spoilers - Morgan
GH/ Could Morgan be alive?

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In fact, that is something Jason Morgan would do. But the burning question is why? And here’s where Stone 2.0 a.k.a. Morgan Corinthos comes into play. That man has an axe to grind with Olivia! After all she was the one who planted the bomb that supposedly claimed Morgan’s life.

But General Hospital spoilers confirm that Morgan’s body was never found. Which could easily translate into his return to the fold! Moreover, now is a better time for this than ever before. As per reports, actor Bryan Craig’s primetime series Good Trouble stands cancelled!

General Hospital Spoilers- Morgan- Sonny
GH/ Has Morgan been brainwashed against Sonny?

Which means if GH taps into him, he might actually be available to revive his Morgan Corinthos. And even if he doesn’t wish to return, the makers can always opt for a recast! But what remains to be seen is, if both the Morgan Stone’s have been alive all this while, where were they?

Moreover, why are they trying to target Sonny and his allies, wonder General Hospital spoilers. Well, we have an itching feeling that Jagger, er, John, may have something to do with it. The rouge-ish Fed may have messed with their brains to turn them into ammunition against Sonny for a personal agenda!

General Hospital Spoilers - John Jagger
GH/ Is John “Jagger” pulling the strings here?

What do you think this agenda could be? Moreover, are you on board with a possible Morgan Corinthos return? Tell us in the comments.


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