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Kody Brown’s Comparing Himself To Satan (Is It Reverse Psychology?)

  • Kody Brown may be using reverse psychology to convince viewers he’s not the “a**hole” his wives think he is.
  • Kody’s game seem to involve confusing and manipulating his wives. Is he faking emotions to keep them guessing?
  • Kody lacks the sophistication of the devil that Mick Jagger sings about in The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil.” However, Kody has 18 kids, and a host of unique challenges.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s comparing himself to a “devil,” but he may be using reverse psychology to convince viewers that he’s not really the “a**hole” Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown think he is. In the Rolling Stones song, “Sympathy For The Devil,” Mick Jagger takes on the role of Satan, simultaneously seducing and repelling the listener. Kody may be following suit.

While he lacks the gleefully sadistic charm of the tune’s bloodthirsty protagonist, Sister Wives season 18 celeb Kody does have some things in common with the false prophet and, “beast from the sea” (as per Revelations 13:4). In season 18, Kody’s leaning into the villain role with a vengeance, perhaps weary of trying to please a bunch of women who do nothing but complain.

What’s The Nature Of Kody’s Game?

Kody, Christine, Janelle, Meri, Robyn Brown Sister Wives montage

In Sister Wives season 18, Kody doesn’t seem to know what he wants. However, it’s possible that he’s conning his wives and his ex, Christine. In “Sympathy For The Devil,” Mick (as Satan) sings, “What’s puzzlin’ you is the nature of my game.” Right now, his queen, Sister Wives‘ Robyn Brown, doesn’t know exactly who Kody is. He’s seemingly changed, but he could be faking his emotions just to throw everyone off balance. By embracing a more erratic, moody and unpredictable vibe, he’s keeping the women in his life guessing.

In season 18, his Satanic rage is aimed at Janelle. He derisively calls this long-suffering spouse (who’s pushing shady Plexus dietary supplements to try and make ends meet, while he and Robyn live large) the, “Teflon Queen.” Fully entitled, he expects Janelle to solve all of his problems with their kids. His weak efforts to do the same have failed so far, but was his heart really in it? Gabriel, Savanah and Garrison Brown don’t think so.

Satan’s job is to confuse the world through trickery and lies. He typically gets results by dazzling his “marks” with his slick charm. While Kody’s charm’s in short supply these days, in the past, he was all about sunny smiles and supposed devotion to the sketchy polygamist ideal. Under the surface, the “devil” Kody’s all about himself. He wants only Robyn, but he’s always pretended otherwise. Of course, Satan’s the ultimate con artist. Is Kody’s stealing the shtick of the evil one? Is it all sleight of hand?

Kody appears to be playing a game that he’s played for years. By losing the game i.e. losing three wives (which happens offscreen, after Sister Wives season 18), he’s actually winning. He doesn’t really want those women anyway. IRL, maybe he misses Janelle a little bit, but she was more like one of his “bros” than a true love interest. How could being one of the boys ever satisfy her? While Robyn gets cringe “romantic tension” with Kody, Janelle and the other exes get the dregs. Kody’s devilish game has drawn blood.

Is Kody A Man Of Wealth & Taste?

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Mick’s devil is a “man of wealth and taste.” He’s a sophisticated dude who uses intelligence and refinement to get his way. Then, there’s Kody, who’s into Barbie-esque white sports cars, “Testosterone Tuesdays,” and Ramen hair. No one could call Kody super-sophisticated, so the “Sympathy For The Devil” Satan has the edge here. Kody simply can’t compete with that kind of worldly finesse.

As for “wealth,” there’s chatter that Kody’s living beyond his means. While Mick’s devil could definitely con the innocent in ways that really lined his pockets (making all manner of decadence possible), it’s different for Kody. He reportedly makes money but squanders it. While there’s no concrete proof that Kody’s in debt, his own daughter Gwendlyn Brown accused him of wild spending. So, again, Mick’s Satan beats Kody fair and square.

In Kody’s defense (is that “sympathy for the devil?”), he does have 18 kids. In Sister Wives season 18, he still has a slew of wives. That means Duggar-like expenses that the average person can’t even comprehend. While a lot of his kids are older now, and independent, he has surely splashed out a lot of cash for those children over the years.

Of course, Kody deserves some luxuries. He does put himself out there 24/7. By doing so, he gets a shocking amount of hate. The issue is that he’s seemingly living well while the wives he just isn’t attracted to go without. That’s what devilish about the scenario.

In The Brown Family, It Was Time For A Change

Sister Wives' Meri, Janelle and Christine

When The Rolling Stones’ Satan decided it was “time for a change,” all hell broke loose. He was talking about the Russian Revolution, where the doomed Tsar Nicholas II’s daughter (the Grand Duchess Anastasia) “screamed in vain.” While revolution’s a sickening process that almost inevitably means cruel bloodshed, it’s sometimes necessary. Way back when, a revolution was often the only way to right appalling wrongs in a society.

In the Brown family, revolution was long overdue. When Christine got tired of Kody’s antics, she bailed out, sparking a revolution that was thankfully free of gunshots and guillotines. However, that doesn’t mean it was painless. Now, Kody’s trying to seem more benign by comparing himself to a malevolent leader of demons who’s also known as the “ancient serpent,” as per Revelations 20:2. It’s reverse psychology because he couldn’t possibly be that bad, right?

Kody’s Dealing With So Much Doubt & Pain

Sister Wives Kody Brown with Christine in the background

While Kody’s hurt three of his wives, and seems to be making life tough for Robyn too, like Mick’s devil, he wants “courtesy.” Does he really deserve that kind of consideration? When faced with temptation, he caved in. He could have given every wife equal attention, but the desire to be with Robyn was too great.

Unable to resist, he devoted himself to Robyn, expecting his other wives to just deal with it. This was a major misstep that eventually tore the Brown family apart. His ardor for Robyn wasn’t something he could conceal, but he still tries to hide it in the current season. No one is fooled.

In “Sympathy For The Devil,” Satan’s threatening. He says, “Use all your well-learned politeness/or I’ll lay your souls to waste.” Likewise, Kody wants his wives to obey. That’s the essence of patriarchy, after all. When the women stop taking orders, that male-dominated system falls apart.

Kody’s rant about “sacred loneliness” was meant to make him seem compassionate, but it basically reinforced the fact that he’s very sexist. He believes that women in plural marriages need to suffer politely. They must put up with sadness, rejection and years of outright misery without crying, yelling or making any kind of fuss. What that requires of a female’s just too much. What woman can measure up to that strange and chauvinistic “guide for living?”

Satan was defeated by archangels, so perhaps the patriarch will be brought down by “Kody’s angels.” For years, they catered to him, whether they worked to earn money for the family, or took care of the children, or just soothed his fragile ego. Now, they’re mad as hell. As the new season unfolds, Kody’s dealing with aggression from his wives that is totally unfamiliar.

In Sister Wives season 18, Janelle’s swearing. She’s leaving sacred loneliness by the wayside, where it belongs. Her anger’s making Kody doubt himself. It seems to be hurting him, but again, he could be a devilish dude who’s playing the long game. Since he was admittedly sick of polygamy, his fleeing wives may be playing right into his hands.

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