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Why Meri Brown Can Still Get Money From Kody

How is it possible that Sister Wives star Meri Brown can still get money from Kody Brown? The two divorced almost a decade ago and he went on to marry Robyn Brown. So, one would think that he would only have spiritual ties to Meri aside from having a grown child. As it turns out, she can still get what is owed to her tenfold. Read on for more details.

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Why Meri Brown Can Still Get Money From Kody

It is no secret that when the family moved from Vegas to Flagstaff, the wives helped with down payments on Christine Brown and Robyn Brown’s homes. Meri Brown and Janelle Brown chose to rent rather than buy which was devastating for the latter in the long run. When she wanted to leave Kody, she realized she had nothing to her name but an RV and part of the Coyote Pass land. She had actually advised Christine to wait until she had some assets before leaving the marriage. Unfortunately, she did not listen to her own advice.

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Meri Brown fortunately owns her B&B and has a lucrative MLM business so she has success away from the family. However, she is still entitled to money from Kody down the line. As long as Meri does not remarry, she can get his social security upon his passing. According to Elder Law Answers: “As a divorced spouse, you can collect benefits on your ex-spouse’s record, even if the ex-spouse has remarried and even if the ex-spouse’s new spouse is collecting on the same record.”

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Meri, Kody-YouTube

Here are the criteria to be met: they must have been married for ten years, which they were. The couple wed in 1990 so they had over twenty years together. Meri Brown must be sixty-two years old so that is around a decade away. Next up, Kody needs to be eligible for retirement benefits. Finally, she must remain unwed. She can date all that she wants and have a longtime partner though a domestic partnership is not mentioned.

Does Meri Deserve It?

Meri Brown has stayed loyal to Kody Brown long after she probably should have. It was very hard, even when he let her know that he was no longer interested in anything romantic with her. They have not been intimate in over a decade but Meri will take table scraps from him. Still, she was his first legal wife, she gave up her marital rights so that he could adopt Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage, it’s what is right.

Are you shocked that Meri Brown could ultimately collect from her ex-husband? Do you think that the other wives should try to get some extra funds from him or let it go?


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