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The Real Reason ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Can’t Stand Aurora!

Sister Wives fans are ticked off at Robyn Brown and her shady behavior that has caused the family to fall apart. However, her eldest daughter Aurora Brown is no good either. Lately, it seems like Robyn’s high-and-mighty attitude might be rubbing off on her daughter, as well. Truth be told, fans feel like she is a mini version of her mother.

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Aurora Brown Disrespects Janelle’s New Fifth-Wheel Trailer

On the TLC series’ October 16 episode, the 20-year-old was seen disrespecting Janelle’s new fifth-wheel trailer with her snobby remarks. As she explored the new trailer, she said that the tiny bathroom looked more like a foot wash.

Sister Wives Aurora Brown Instagram

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However, this wasn’t her only disrespectful comment throughout the episode. While exploring the bunk beds in Savanah’s room, she said, “Are these going to be for the dogs?”

Sister Wives Fans Dub Aurora Brown As Robyn’s Carbon Copy

Discussing this very high-brow attitude, a fan took to the Reddit forum and wrote, “No I know it sounds terrible but we have to talk about Aurora…”

“Oh this is terrible, I know. Aurora is a child, well at least acts like one. And I know she didn’t have the best role models growing up but I just cannot stand this girl she has a carbon copy of her mom,” they continued.

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[Source: Reddit]

The OP further provided examples of Aurora’s misbehavior and commented on how she tends to cry over little things. They also pointed out how weirdly she reacted to the news of Jenelle and Christine visiting the house on Thanksgiving. The Redditor also provided a conclusion stating that Robyn’s eldest daughter is manipulative, just like her mother.

They wrote, “Whether this is something she learned from her mom and is now mirroring (because it is uncanny how much that single trait can be traced to the underlying issues we all have with Robyn) or if it was a learned survival technique… She is incredibly manipulative.”

Is Sister Wives‘ Aurora Brown A Product Of Her Environment?

Resonating with this conclusion, several Reddit users took to the comments section as one wrote, “She’s 20. How on earth is she going to cope when the real world arrives on their doorstep and she is expected to function?”

Another responded, “I think she will go from her parent’s home to her husband’s home and never live independently on her own. Sad.”

Sister Wives Aurora Brown Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“She has always bothered me, but she’s clearly a product of her environment. It’s very sad,” stated the third user pointing out that her parents Robyn and Kody share a similar behavioral trait.

While Aurora has been bashed for replicating her mother’s attitude, her sister Breanna has been praised for having a personality that is just the opposite. Talking about Breanna, one fan wrote, “I feel like Breanna doesn’t get enough credit for being unlike her mom and sister. The poor girl barely has a fighting chance and yet she comes across as decent more times than not.”

Sister Wives Aurora Brown Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Even in the latest trailer exploration episode of Sister Wives, she was seen admiring it as something very cool. On the other hand, her sister and mom went on with their derogatory remarks.

Do you think Aurora is a mirror image of her mother Robyn Brown?


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