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Robyn Fears Kody Will Dump Her Too — He “Hates” His Life!

Kody and Robyn have become the real culprits of the family breakup in the eyes of the audience. Janelle, Meri, and Christine also accused their polygamist husband of having favoritism. Season 18 of the Sister Wives franchise is becoming more dramatic than ever. The patriarch had a huge fight with Janelle. Meanwhile, the family is spending Christmas separately. Also, a major drama happened between the family during Thanksgiving. Previously, Robyn expressed that Kody’s life is becoming hell after the family breakup. Now she fears that the family drama will make him leave her. Will that happen?

Robyn Brown Says Kody Being Left Made Him Look at Her 'Sideways' (Exclusive)

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Feels That Kody Might Leave Her After The Pressure Of Family Chaos!

Things are getting out of hand from the patriarch of the Brown family. Kody’s plural family is crumbling down in front of him. He used to control the Sister Wives and the entire family. But now the entire family is against him. Kody admits that he just wants to run away or disappear for a while after all the drama.

He stated, “I just have this gut thing that’s like I’d like to run away from my life. You know, just escape. Just change my name.” Further, he claimed that he just hates his life at the moment. Meanwhile, Robyn expressed her fears after knowing what was going on in Kody’s mind. She added, “It would absolutely devastate me if he decided to leave me. I mean, I know he has these thoughts.”

Further, Robyn explains that her husband will regret leaving everything behind but she knows that it is painful. Moreover, she went ahead and claimed, “It’s not because he’s a selfish or a bad person. He’s just in pain.” Robyn expresses her thoughts and fears on polygamous marriages. She stated that she always wanted to live in plural marriage since the time when she was young. However, the TLC star is devastated to see the family breaking apart and it feels like a dealbreaker of her marriage agreement.

Sister Wives: Kody Shares His Mental State With His Brother-In-Law Nathan!

Kody Brown is unable to recover from the hard truth of the family. He is going through a whirlwind of emotions after the family fallout. Recently, he met Nathan who is the husband of Meri’s sister. Her brother-in-law was also a polygamist previously. The two Sister Wives celebs had a heart-to-heart chat about the current family situation. Kody accepts, “I’m dealing with some depression and some mourning, some loss and grieving.” Also, the patriarch believes that it‘s a very difficult heartbreaking situation. Meanwhile, Nathan warned him that he’ll see the darkest parts of his life soon.

However, Kody doesn’t like who he is now. He explained how he thinks of himself as the devil after failing three marriages back to back. Further, he doesn’t want Robyn to see how dark he has gotten. Do you think Kody will come out of this depressing state after his failed marriages?

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