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Meri Brown Finally Knows Where Her ‘Place’ Is In Family

Sister Wives fans have been calling Meri Brown the third wheel in Kody’s family for years and now, she finally used those same words to describe herself. It came when she discussed the festive season with Kody Brown and his only remaining wife, Robyn. As she also elaborated on her feelings, read on to find out her reasoning.

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Meri Brown Reasons With Robyn And Kody About Christmas

Life changed for all four wives when Christine left Kody. Actually, Janelle admitted that she might have stayed if Christine hadn’t left first. Talking about how their lives changed on People’s YouTube, Janelle told her friend that there was no way she was ready to mingle with anyone. In other words, for now, she is done with men. She realized that the time had come to walk away. And that is something Kody’s former first wife never really seemed to grasp.

On social media, Meri Brown mostly acts as if she’s climbing the staircase to success and happiness. In fact, she admitted that she won’t “live in a cage” that Kody put her in.  However, she seems very different on the TLC show. So much so, that sometimes, fans accuse her of just acting a role as the least favored wife. Nevertheless, her current situation seems to be real as Kody told her to pack her things and go away. The rejected wife spoke about being a “third wheel” in a preview for this week’s show.


Meri Brown Is ‘Stuck’ In The Middle With Kody

ET shared the preview for this week’s episode and in it, Robyn and Kody chatted with Leon’s mom. From the way that she talked, Kody had not yet moved her to Parowan, Utah. She said, “I’m like the third wheel, ’cause I’m just here. I don’t know what to do.” Her discussion mentioned that both Christine and Janelle had left. As she and Kody don’t share a home, she felt that if people visited her, she would be the one being visited rather than Kody and Meri as a unit.

TLC Sister Wives Meri Brown Finally Realizes She's The Third Wheel ET
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Meri Brown finally seemed to realize how awkward things became with her continuing to hang around. Instead of only her going to Robyn and Kody for Christmas, or them going to her place, she preferred the idea of a big family gathering. Well, Robyn hated the idea and probably correctly pronounced it to be a “scary” thought. Of course, with Kody at odds with Garrison and Gabe, it would be “awkward.”

Being The Third Wheel Must Be Awkward

Meri Brown doesn’t have Christine or Janelle permanently in her life now. With Robyn being the only wife, the former wife must feel stuck in the middle all the time. At least when they were there, along with all the kids, she could just blend in with the crowd.

Are you surprised that it took Meri so long to finally realize that she’s the third wheel in the Sister Wives dynamic? After all, TLC fans have been telling her that for years. Do you agree that the family shouldn’t have considered getting together at Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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