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Janelle Brown Has Intense Fight With Kody, Calls Out His “Bullsh*t”

In a preview from the next Sister Wives episode, Janelle Brown finally calls out husband Kody Brown after their marriage reaches a firm boiling point.

  •  Janelle and Kody Brown’s relationship is crumbling in Sister Wives season 18, with tensions reaching an all-time high after Christine Brown left the family.
  •  In a preview clip, Janelle calls out Kody for his behavior towards their children, stating that he is responsible for the state of their relationship.
  •  Kody blames Janelle for their strained relationship with their children and accuses her of throwing him “under the bus” during the pandemic.

Sister Wives season 18 is already tense, and Janelle Brown’s fight with Kody Brown in the next episode is going to push the tension even higher. While Janelle has since separated from Kody, Sister Wives season 18 features the couple still together as their relationship continues to crumble. Kody and Janelle, who were married for 30 years, only began having serious disagreements once their children were older and things began changing in the Brown family. After Christine Brown left the family’s plural marriage and separated from Kody, tensions with his other wives, including Janelle, hit an all-time high. While the pair already had some issues, things escalated quickly.

According to E! News, in a preview clip from the next episode of Sister Wives season 18, Janelle finally calls Kody out on his behavior. During an argument surrounding Kody’s treatment of his children with Janelle, she explains, “Kody feels like it’s my responsibility to facilitate this relationship, [but] he is a parent as much as I am.” Janelle tries to speak calmly to Kody, but things are too tense. “You keep acting like this is my fault,” she shouts. “You are gaslighting me…This ‘I feel so pressured’ bulls***? This is you saying…’I’m gonna make it your fault.'”

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Claims Janelle Threw Him “Under The Bus”

Montage of Sister Wives' Kody Brown & Janelle Brown

Kody and Janelle have been fighting over his relationship with their children, which has been strained for years. Janelle’s kids, who are hoping for an apology from their father about the way he’s been acting towards them since the COVID-19 pandemic, haven’t been reaching out to Kody, which he openly blames on Janelle. When he asks her to “stop throwing me under the bus,” Janelle snaps. “You wanted me to kick the boys out. You act like this is not your fault…I wasn’t going to turn my boys out in the middle of a pandemic.”

Janelle, who shares six children with Kody, has been towing a difficult line with her family throughout the last few years. After Kody enforced strict rules surrounding the pandemic, including some of his own protocols that were even more isolating than standard CDC practices, many of his children spoke out about his behavior. Janelle’s sons Gabe Brown and Garrison Brown, in particular, were not happy with the guidelines their father laid down, which created strains in their relationship as well as Kody and Janelle’s. For the large family, it was difficult to adhere to guidelines but continue to try and live as normal a life as possible.

While Sister Wives season 18 is just getting started, some of the most dramatic moments of the season thus far have revolved around Kody’s difficult behavior. With his relationship with Janelle continuing to crumble, things have been tougher than ever when it comes to watching the couple interact. For Janelle, finally standing up for herself and her children has been a long time coming, so Sister Wives viewers will likely appreciate the huge dramatic moment.

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